Sir Rose

Head of External Affairs - Carson Smith

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RP Name: Carson Smith

Steam Name: Sir Rose

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:43258039

Playtime and Level:  Level 50, 02w 0d 18hD625C380E45AED1FD5E57954859C96EDA91BD08B




What is the Department of External Affairs?: The Department of External Affairs plays the role of ensuring the safety and integrity of the foundation from external sources, including but not limited to hostile or otherwise unknown GOI's, anomalies and the threat of information leakage / the risk of the global populace discovering the foundations existence. If at anytime the public is made aware of the Foundation or an anomaly, it is the role of External Affairs to act. Additional roles the DoEA plays is the recruitment of foundation personnel from military and civil institutes to aid the ranks of research personnel, MTF, or other tertiary sectors (such as service personnel / cafeteria) for the foundation. In a nutshell, some individuals call this department HR due to it's work.

Additionally, the DoEA is combined together with the Intelligence Agency to create one large department split into four subsections;

The Administrative and Operations Bureao;

The Desinformation Bureao;

The Intelligence Bureao;

The Recruitment Bureao.


Who is the Head of External Affairs?: The Head of External Affairs at the moment is Cameron Stoker. In term's of who he is, they are responsible for the entire External Affairs department.


What is a GOI?: A GOI, aka, a 'Group of Interest', are societies similar to that of the Foundation in which they have taken an interest in the anomalous, posses anomalous individuals, objects, qualities or are aware of the Foundations intentions. There are a number of GOI's, some hostile, other's not. Understanding that not all of the GOI's around us are hostile is important to our survival. Regardless of that matter, the most well known GOI would probably be known as the Chaos Insurgency.

The Chaos Insurgency (CI) are actively hostile against the Foundation and all of those under it's employment, with Class D being the exception. They bear no eye towards the anomalies in the Foundations hands and instead seek to do just as their name implies; invoke Chaos within the Foundation.

Another GOI which are not trying to kill us all the time is The Global Occult Coalition. Though they believe in a similar ideology as the foundation in which they serve humanity or wish to protect them, at least, they harbor no kindness towards anomalies. They seek to destroy any they come into contact with and pride themselves on it as the 'Police of the Paranormal world.' 

Though i've mentioned it before, I believe I should say it once more: Not all GOI's are our enemies. Keep them within sight, never too close and never too far.


Who does the HoEA answer to?: The O5 council.


What are the duties of a HoEA?: The HoEA performs similar roles to an ordinary External Affairs agent. However, the Head of the department manages the local Field Agents and subordinates (Affairs agents) in gathering intelligence on the local populace of Ovis City, specifically the surrounding GOI's and/or POI's. With that being said, the Head is additionally able to employ captured humanoid anomalies and hostile GOI forces as members of the Foundation, (Think task force X, suicide squda stuff). Each individual is implanted with a nanite explosive and placed within either Sigma-66 and Omega 12. Additionally, the HoEA is able to ask MTF to perform raids on hostiles if needed. Aside from that, their job is external affairs and as such they must maintain proper disinformation of the Foundation from the public eye and to keep everyone that could pose a threat in check.

Activities performed by the HoEA should generally be presented to the O5 council on-site if necessary, otherwise they will limit themselves to maintaining a presence on the foundation, on-site.


What is MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12?: Unlike most MTF units, MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12 are recruited from the ranks of hostile GOI's and captured humanoid anomalies that display desirable traits, useful for employment for the foundation. To ensure the loyalty of these conscripts, a nanite explosive is placed in their necks to prevent retaliation or a means of disobeying the foundation or the HoEA.

To describe the differences, MTF Sigma-66 are individuals recruited from GOI's detained by the foundation. Generally speaking the HoEA should affirm their compliance with the rules set in place by the current HoEA. Omega-12 are drawn more commonly from anomalous humanoids or anomalous civilians which comply with the same rules, provided they have abilities which suit the foundations needs.


Describe the SCP Foundation as a GOI: The SCP Foundation is a world-funded organization self-tasked by the O5 council with containing anomalies of all types, safe, dangerous or otherwise in order to preserve the normality that is the mundane civilian life. They often employ MTF forces (Military personnel) to make first contact with unknown or potential anomalies before retrieving and/or containing them at one of their many unmarked facilities. At these facilities, researchers are recruited due to their expertise in their field and various resistances to infohazards and cognitohazards which may prove useful towards the foundations research and goals. As anomalies begin their classification in the foundation, researchers are then permitted to use either unmanned drones or Class D, depending on whether the anomaly permits it. Some anomalies may prevent the use of technologies such as recordings and cameras, which is why these Class D must be used.

To maintain their presence more easily in the public, the Foundation often poses as national security or local law enforcement in order to deter the need for global media attention. It is a secretive organisation afterall. Ultimately, the foundation is not evil. It seeks to serve humanity, to protect them from the anomalous, and maintain the illusion of normalcy.


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Accepted - See details.

I'm absolutely not gonna fault you for answering some of the questions in the way that you did. I will be rewriting them soon, so no worries. I trust the people vouching for you, your descriptions are good and your play time is high.

One  tip: We also answer to the SD if no O5 is present. However, if you think that they are being unfair to you or exceeding their powers and doing your job, contact A-1 or O-1. Best of luck, your trial period will be stated shortly.

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