Masterkings unban

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My In-Game name: Dont remember i think it was masterking


Steam Name: Lil Tjay

What is the reason for your ban: i was being watched by admins about 1 year ago and talked as a droid which is failrp so i got perm banned

How long were you banned for: Perm, November 24th 2019

Name of the staff member who banned you: Dont remember

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I was very stupid and imature before and dident take a min to look at the rules or be better, that was 1 year ago and im trying to come back to the server with a fresh start. I would like to change my name and start as whole again, I have taken the time to calmy read the rules and understand them, I hope that im able to be forgived for my behaviour back in the day. Im a new person than what i was before, theres been changes and i hope that ill be able to show that to not only the admins but to the community itself. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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found the date of my ban so i edited it to put the date in
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You have been perma-banned twice now, the first time after your antics with the now removed BOC scavenger disguise. You applied twice for an unban after that and got it accepted the first time only to then get perma banned again 24 hours later. I usually agree with second chances but you have already been given one. Also these images clearly show you were not just banned for failRP, maybe don't lie or try hide the truth in your unban appeal.

Now looking at the ban menu it seems you have also tried to evade that second perma-ban as the steam ID you gave shows up with this:




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Got warns from me fucking hell. Either way Kids summed it 


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Getting perma banned twice, good luck shows you have no interest in RPing in the server


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who cares




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You got very lucky in the first place in getting unbanned but you ended up getting yourself banned. It was stated at the time, that it was your final chance and you fuck it up. -1

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