a ban form a year ago or more

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Your name in-game:phill oichker i think was it

my steam id:STEAM_0:0:193756196

Admins' name that banned you:holling rex[from what i renmber]

Admin's steamID:i cant rember sorry

Why did you get banned?:toxicty and dtp

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:this was a long time ago i got banned from this servers and many others not form the same commintys,i didnt realze that my efforets were in vain,my anger,toxicity,salt,has gone down those past years i have in my opaion,changed for a better human being,my spelling didnt get as well as my behaver but i think it wont matter as much i write to you as a normal reformed person,the reason i got mad were indeed dumb i still yet to figier out why i got so mad for those silly reason in a video game, but my behaver change as i staded before i belive i am much more calm and relaxed then before,you may give me one more chance to prove that i got better as a person,grew as a person,its you're choice to make here dear players will you take the chance,or will you pass on you decide.

p.s:this is hamster boy :3

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On 9/21/2020 at 4:32 AM, Lando Norris. said:

no, i remember you for the wrong reasons.

1: detained u at least 5 times a day when i was a beta-1 unit

2: You screamed at me when u punished u and lost your shit at me 

3: Toxic 


You weren't even in B-1 when he got banned 🤨


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On basis that should you break anymore rules you will be permently banned again with no chance of appeal. Read over the rules and leave your emotions out of RP. It's a roleplaying server on Garry's Mod for god's sake. 

AKA John Cale the funny event man

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