New Bombs for 212th in events

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What your suggestion is: New Bombs for 212th in events 

Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2097047352

Any additional information: These bombs would be perfect for adding some skill to defusing in events as currently its a long list of /me, 
These bombs require the user to have the defuse kit in there weapons section (doesnt do anything to my knowledge) meaning no random person can defuse them. 
There is a mediums ish skill need to defuse them for example mk1 bombs require a wire to be cut depending on the amount and colour of wires. Mk2 reqiure this first step but also a code which is also dependant of the colour and number of the wires. 
These bombs can be set off with other explosives so EPs can explode them if 212th take to long to get there or if a 212th member messes up a defusal.  
(spoke to zab and he seam to like the idea)

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12 minutes ago, Blaster said:

I'd love to see them on the server but for me they kept crashing the client. Who knows maybe they now work fine

They seamed to perfectly fine for me maybe you were using to many like normal blaster

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oh yes yes
would make defusing bombs A LOT MORE interesting, would also provide more training opportunities for the regiment aswell! 


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Big +1

I would love to see this getting implemented, we have suggested many times to EPs instead of normally having us defuse some minor bombs or something using /me, that we could actually do it in advert. But this goes to another level, seem really cool, thank you pie for suggesting this ngl

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Would be nice to be able to defuse shit properly instead of having to defuse shit using /me binds, as long as it doesn't crash clients.

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+1 for this suggestion, it would be very cool defusing bomb by actually thinking what you're doing and not just pressing /me binds which is very boring and simple.

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