Items to help impove events (hackable raysheild, Terminals for data)

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What your suggestion is: Introduce 2 new items to help impove 

Scriptfodder/workshop link: 


Any additional information:
1. This Hackable raysheild would another leval of skill to the sever like the bombs which were just given to 212th but for CE, this would mean that it is more intresting and skill based them some RP adverts. 
2. These terminals would allow EPs to write data on to them and CE would have to bring them back to one of these terminals to decode, it would add a nice bit of story telling and another way to make CEs job more active instead of lots of RP adverts. 

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cool cool swag i like

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Yes please


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+1 stop not needed adverts

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Massive +1

Stops the adverts and allows people to actually open doors themselves rather than waiting on an EP.

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+1 fuck advert me and my homies hate advert 

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