Cadet Training Ban

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What your suggestion is:

Empower higher CG/CT Hierarchy as well as a high Battalion Members to hand out Cadet Training Bans for especially offensive people (similar to Jedi, maybe for shorter times tho).

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

none needed

Any additional information:


Some people are really just trying to break as many rules as they can before being demoted.

Either especially offensive or especially hard rule brekers should not be abled to just simply go through a fast cadet training with a NCO that is just trying to get easy loggings and therefore is doing his training very fast/loose.

Demotions are meant as a punishment most of the time and just going through a 10 minute double time rap is not much of a punishment, therefore I think certain people should be abled to hand out those CC Training Blacklists, not too many but also not too little people, thats why I think CT/CG Hierarchy as the ones handling them most of the times as well as Battalion being the overall overseers of the base.

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-1 If someone is being a retard and needs to be constantly cadet trained they can just receive a ban. No point in giving out a cadet training ban. Jedi is different as its VIP. You cant just go and say to someone "Yeah we aren't gonna ban you from the server, your just getting a 2 day Cadet Training Ban so you cant become a CT." 

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Imagine you were the cadet, maybe you came onto the server to mess about but you are unable to get trained. That just isn't fair at all as well as not enjoyable. I understand that It may be annoying but at the end of the day, new players need to have more enjoyment then older players. If this was implemented, the number of players that stay on the server would decrease as majority of people that join the server are here to minge. As mentioned from other comments, just call a staff member and we will sort it out.

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