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RP Name: Josh Kevlar


SteamID: STEAM_0:1:97275121


Playtime Required [ Must be 4 days or Above] 4 days 7 hours


In-Game Warnings [reasons and amount. type !warns in-game to find, must have fewer than 20 warnings. (exceptions can be made)]: 0 warns


Have you read the rules of SCP-RP, and do you understand them?:  Absolutely, I have read them all throughly multiple times.


Have you read the rules of SCP-096, and do you understand what you can and cannot do? Demonstrate your understanding* : I have, and it would be a pleasure to. SCP-096 is an SCP of Euclid classification, meaning that its behaivour cannot be fully predicted. The SCP prefers to stay in silence, staring at corners and walls most of the time. However the SCP is considered quite dangerous by the foundation due to immense power it can express and exact upon somebody if his face is seen through any means. If a person comes upon the image of SCP-096's face, the SCP enters a state of distress where he will begin yelling for for 1 to 2 minutes, after which the SCP will enter a rage fueled state of mind and proceed to chase down the individual who gazed upon his face, not stopping for anyone or anything. While playing the player is not allowed to stare at the entrance of the CC to bait others. The player must sit on the floor and remain docile if he takes out the individual who saw his face. The CL5 card should never be abused either it should only be used when chasing down the individual who has seen your face. The player should try not to kill anyone who isnt the target, and be cautious with the tool that he is given.


Are you able to play SCP-096 often when the job is not full, and give good RP to other players who encounter you?:  Absolutely.


What is the Containment Procedure for SCP-096?*(Explain in full detail):  Firstly, SCP-096's CC must be devoided of any cameras or installations capable of recording his face, as any materials containing the images of his face would pose a great danger to the employees of the facility. As for the actual containment procedure:

The individuals who specialize in SCP containment must evacuate the room where 096 is stationed in, once evacuated the containment units must slowly proceed towards the SCP with their backs turned. This must be done with extreme caution as a single misstep could mean further loss of life for the foundation. Once nearby the containment units must procure a blindfold that is capable of completely obstructing the SCP's face so that the SCP does not get triggered off during the transportation back to his CC. After the application of the blindfold the containment units must then secure the SCP with red elastic cuffs and carefully drag the SCP back to his CC. Normally, there should be armed personnel in the surrounding vicinity ensuring that no CI interfere with the transportation of the SCP. When the SCP is relocated back to his CC, his cuffs must be removed by the containment units whou would then carefully face away and remove the blindfold from the SCP's head. The units would then exit the CC with their backs facing the CC as to avoid looking upon the SCP's face until the doors are shut completely.


During research, a Class D looks at your face and manages to escape the Containment Chamber, he runs towards the Entrance Zone. What is your course of action while chasing 096-1, and what do you do once you have killed them?*:  If a Class D looks upon my face and then proceeds to run away, I am able to chase the Class D down with complete disregard for obstacles between the 2 of us meaning that if there is a door protected with a keycard scanner, i may use the CL5 keycard granted to me to open the door with the mindset and RP that the door was smashed open. Once the gap was fully closed, I would kill SCP-096-1. After which I would proceed to sit down and soon after enter a docile state, where i would sit there, immobile and devoid of any past anger. I must sit exactly where SCP-096-1 died and i cannot move around or bait people to look at my face.


While chasing 096-1, you pass a researcher, Class D and a MTF unit who all look at your face accidentally. Once you kill the current 096-1, you go back and find them, then proceeding to kill them also. Is this good RP and why?*: No, that is not a good RP. If somebody is to look upon SCP-096's face then that person becomes the primary target. I would disregard the individuals who looked at me as that would lead to a killing spree which would end up being completely ridiculous and not fun for anyone. As specified in the question above I'd chase the primary target, kill him then sit there and go docile.


If SCP-096 bag had come off or if some Escapee Class d ran past and grabbed it, as E-11 or CS would you chase the class d or proceed on to recontain SCP-096?*: As an E-11 or a CS, it is not my job to deal with rogue employees or Class D's my priority is to handle SCP's and the breaches they commit. I would swiftly place the bag back over his head in the hopes that the SCP does not re-enter a rage state and reamin docile if that is indeed the case, i would carry on with the transportation of the SCP back to his CC.


A GOI has managed to enter the facility, and they open your Containment Chamber to cuff you and take you out of the facility, one of them looks at your face but tells you it was an accident, and you can just ignore it. What should you do? Why?*: I wouldnt ignore it. This is roleplay and actions most certainly have consequences. If you are kidnapping a highly volatile object that can flip out at any given moment if given the correct reasons to, you should commit the utmost caution instead of silly accidents that would cost you your life and the hold on the SCP that you are transporting. Ignoring it would be also considered FailRP.


Anything else you may need to tell people reading this application:  What i wrote, I wrote with honesty, I have no reasons to lie. I know the rules and how the SCP universe functions. I most certainly do not minge and take things seriously without being completely stuck up. If you are reading this, I would like to thank you for your time.

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On 11/9/2020 at 2:13 AM, a difficulty tweak said:

Your app looks good but no one is checking 096 apps, I'm waiting for someone to check mine too.

So I guess we will wait...

It was like 4d 13 h. I am studying these days i cant play regularly.

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8 minutes ago, SynergyJohn said:

How much is not regularly? Optimally even a little presence is nice

Actually i am playing a lot, but these days i cant play like i said but in a few days i will start playing regularly again.(BTW thx for your review)

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