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So I just had an experience where I saw a CI disguised as NU7 trying to escape with a D-Class, he ran away  and made it to the bunker, what he did not know if that I was following him, but he closed the door, so when I opened it  all I saw was him running to the left side were the disguised vendor is, then I saw him go to the right as a new disguised person and I killed him, but apparantly I need to see him change in order to kill him, now the issue is its like we were the only 2 people in the area, when I saw him run in there no one else was there, so lets set an example, your running from the cops , you run into and room and changed disguises, but your the only person in the area and room, and there planning to kill you, if they go into the room are they gonna be like eh this is prob the guy but hes in a diff outfit, or there just gonna plain out shoot you since your the wanted man, I feel I should be able to kill them since I know they changed there outfits since there the only person who ran in there and is there currently and had no were to go so I feel the rule should be changed, the Administrator Admin who took the sit said that they agree with my case and is logical but the staff team had said its a rule, thankfully I was cut some slack and was not warned, case being I feel this rule should be adjusted and would make more logical sense.


But whats your opinion, im all ears.

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There are cases where you are literally there but still cant see em disguise.  Those cases staff will be more gentle as they understand the mistake taking place can often be ignored or not seen at all.


However,  if the rule was to be changed on any way, it would go from.

Yeah, only guy in room, bang!


Yeah, only guy over here, bang!


Yeah, only guy in this side of site, bang!.

The rule can be annoying at times, but it was intended so that people can disguise and become someone different. 

If people are actively using this fact to get away with kills, an example would be to nade EZ big,  the redisguise,  then repeat. 

If hierarchy sees it being abused, they may implement things that would make this difficult or not able to be done.

Like setting a timer between disguises (there is a 5-10 minute cooldown to change into a new disguise)

Or that there is a set limit of disguises each life (Can only disguise 3 times per life).


But as of right now, I dont mind the current state of it. 

The counter for this is just to stay in the armory. 

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So, firstly, if you want rules to be changed, it would be a good idea to firstly look in the rules yourself, and see what would be in need of changing.

The rule regarding this would be 5.13 "  (5.13.) If somebody changes disguises, you cannot remember who they are based on appearance or voice unless you witness them change disguises.  "

The issue here would be the word "witness" , which implies you see the action happening.
Which I would personally say is perfectly fine in the context, you are only really suppose to shot when you are sure, so it fits in with how the combat rules were designed.

While I think for combat this interpation of witness is perfectly fine, the same one is used about suspicon, where you not seeing a person directly, would be a perfect fit for suspicoun.

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