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Maxwellism removal/CI Buff

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I'll do each on a separate page giving how it would go, the reasons and how I think it would help the server, etc. The only reason I suggest both is because if you buff CI and Maxwellists appears outa nowhere with max slots, they would destroy surface.


Okay first thing, removing Maxwellism.

  • Not now: as they have just done tryouts, but later, they should be put out of their misery.
  • You rarely ever see 1 person online, maybe a second too.
  • Think about when was the last time they made a massive difference to an event or RP. A few weeks? Maybe a month?
  • We've all been caught up training for Nu-7 or testing out all the other jobs and getting the new white lists to actually notice how bad COTBG has been doing recently.
  • Removing it and offering some veteran members + management a place in CI would make this fair.
  • After they went full passive RP, nobody played their job as people normally joined them due to their massive raids, destruction of PD, and take over of surface under their regime.
  • All they do now is quietly sit in a corner and sell drones and servers.
  • To sum it up: it's dead, needs to be removed (later, maybe a few weeks) and former members should be compensated by a position in CI.

Next on the list, buffing CI. This will be longer, so I'll split it into 2 parts, how I think they should do it and why:

  • Firstly, overhaul of ranks to something more CI styled. Delta -> Gamma -> Beta -> Alpha then Sigma's recruited out of the civilian populace. 
  • Deltas would stay as they are. 1 slot WL, frags, decent assault rifles, all disguises for CI, etc, etc.
  • Gammas would have 3 slots WL, and basically operative guns, and some more basic disguises so no NCO disguise and other higher-up disguises such as A-1.
  • Betas would be 3 slot Plat-vip level 40, and be identical to the current infiltrators minus a few disguises which are hard to obtain, like A-1, NCO, Enlisted unit, B-7, E-11.
  • Alphas would be 2 slot non-vip level 35, and would have a weak SMG, preferably a MAC-11, and a bunch of pistols. They don't need disguises or a lockpick and hacking card, we don't need random raids coming from them. They are essentially cannon fodder for CI. The reason for lower level and no VIP rank is so that new people without VIP are able to test out CI and get a feel for it before buying VIP or applying for the white list. It helps both the WL and Harland keep the server running, for the WL it has people get a feel of how CI would run and give them experience of working with members. The other reason is obvious.
  • 9 slots in total: guns varying from AR-15s and AKs to UMPs and Kriss Vectors to MAC-11s and M1911s.


  • A few days after CI was un-WL, a thread was made to make a WL again. A few days. It's been a few months now.
  • Current CI players are constantly being wrangled by deltas or more experienced CI to stop them: raiding, random raiding, killing Foundation without knowing they are and the list goes on.
  • Last week, we saw a CI walk into a random base which he thought was the CI base because it was the same dupe in the same place. Guess what he did? Gunned down all 3 of the owners and acted sooo confused and 'it was our base last time'. Retards like this need to be stopped before they actually ruin CI's reputation: but I feel like they already have.
  • Yes, there are good CI players, and I do respect them as they have good strategies and follow orders. And this system works for them, but it doesn't for the 9 year old with the SCP secret lab profile picture. If we do update for this, good CI players should easily be able to get the WL and climb the ranks while people who don't know what CI stands for stay down low with only playing the weaker jobs.
  • Everybody who is a CI delta or plays CI regularly understands these problems, and would probably sympathise with others how everyday we must demote a kid for lockpicking the blue door while 5 Nu-7 are in the subway.
  • Reminder: you don't have to update it my way. That's just a suggestion on how to do it and I think how it should be done rather than 'infiltrator' and 'operative'.

I know I shouldn't speak for the management of both these jobs and if this does get accepted in any way, shape or form they can change it however they want. Both pages are separate suggestions just merged into 1 thread, as they go together as sort of 'GOI update'. Given a guideline of how I think it should be done to combat the 11+ Nu-7, and not to mention the rest of the MTFs who combat raids regularly such as O-1, A-1, E-11, B-7 (wait, all of them?) and even security and CMs sometimes. Please do suggest any edits you would make to this rather than just -1ing (but still -1 it) but if you truly are an anarchist, please do feel free to -1 the whole thing.

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I swear to god.


I won't be touching on Maxwellism and just let the current Owner and Manager of that job to deal with it.

Let me say what I have been told before about CI. "CI is good as it is". Let me explain why CI is good as it is with their jobs.
-Strong guns. They got AK-47, AR-15 and SCAR-H.
-Frag grenades.
-Ability to disguise.
-Can make grenades.
There are none.
CI Infiltrator:
-Decent gun called vector.
-Can disguise.
-Can make grenades.
CI Operative:
-Really good gun called G3A3.
-Can make grenades.
-Heavily reliant on the Delta because of their restrictions regarding raiding.
-Can't disguise and they share the same standard pm as the infiltrator. Which means if the infiltrator or one operative screws up then the operatives are completely fucked.

I mean CI is stronger than what they were before. CI infiltrators had glocks and the rest had smgs if I remember correctly. Still they did good. CI now can have grenades such as mustard, 008-2, 681 etc. They got better guns. There is no point in trying to buff CI when it is already good.

Ok, not for the ideas regarding the buff.

1 hour ago, Nathan Dixon said:

Firstly, overhaul of ranks to something more CI styled. Delta -> Gamma -> Beta -> Alpha then Sigma's recruited out of the civilian populace. 

Nothing really bad with this. The ranking structure is nice and fits the lore. You could also be using this ranking structure as shown in this link

1 hour ago, Nathan Dixon said:

Gammas would have 3 slots WL

No. This makes no sense with having 3 Gammas. Gamma is more of field commanders and they usually have the ranks of Captain which is shown in some of CIs operations. Which means the Gamma should be between WO-CPT and therefore, only 1 Gamma is really needed. Because having more Gammas than Alphas and the same amount as Betas is really really stupid. Usually there should be a lot of Alphas, the some Betas and one or maybe two Gammas depending on the size of the operation.

I could go more on this but I just wrote the basics of the CI Buff.

I mean what is the point in even suggesting it here on the forums? Just give the ideas to the management of that job and they will give it to SMT. No point in having bunch of buffs for different jobs in the forums when they make no difference than just giving those ideas to the management.



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1 hour ago, Jason Ray said:

Maybe if it will work like Nu-7 with trainings and such it could work, it would improve the reputation of CI, i hope

Last thing to post in this thread. No, this is the worst. It makes it much harder to know how much of a minge they are without seeing their playtime and amount of warnings. I would much rather read through bunch of apps which will give me a clearer view of them than a simple training could ever do. I mean I do not want this to be as SWRP and NRP entirely.



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Besides wanting to remove maxwellism (which honestly has a bit of merit behind it but I dont really care), the CI part of the suggestion really is not needed in the slightest.  CI is fine as it is, with a job that raids for VIPs, and a WL job that is terrifying if used correctly.  The suggestion itself is attempting to be a fair fight for CI/Nu-7, when it shouldnt.  Overall, not needed.

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I agree with the Church part, at this point Church could be described as an "Undead", I don't know why it still exists tbh.

Now with the CI part, as much as I would love it back to what it was when it was WLed it jut won't happen anytime soon

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