Please unban i'm reformed

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My In-Game name: STEAMID: 1130097514

- Steam Name: Noskinhaw

- What is the reason for your ban: Used bad language when I was mad because i was in jail for something i didn't do

- How long were you banned for - It was permanent and I have been banned for about a year now and i am reformed just want to play again.  Also i am on a different account so it doesnt show the initial date of ban

Name of the staff member who banned you - Dont know, it doesnt show because i am on a different account.

Why I should be unbanned - i am reformed and became nicer, i will play by the rules and want to play daily and grind the server and set a good example, Thanks.

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What is the actual reason for your ban? Swearing in Brig doesn't really sound like a bannable offence

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I would like to know why did you got perma banned, becuase swearing at CG in brig is not really something you get perma banned over. It seems you are hiding the truth. However the fact that after a year you still want to play on the server makes me kinda want to give you a sencond try.

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