Bobb's Unban Request 4

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My In-Game name: Bobb

STEAMID: ( Didn't work for me but here's my profile ting - (

Steam Name: Bobbhead

What is the reason for your ban: Player Pulling

How long were you banned for: Permenant

Name of the staff member who banned you: Morgz (But then I was unbanned for a unknown reason and then banned again by Jock on Sept 4th 2019)

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: SO I was banned around 24/05/2019 originally for Player Pulling, I done this because I got really angry that my friend got banned before me. So then I forgot what I did but I ended up in the Brig with another Clone, So jokingly I said that he should quit the server and join us. Then Morgz phased through the wall (as I was on a watch list or something) and banned me. 

Evidence:  I honestly miss the server and I have been for over a year now, I used to be a Lieutenant Colonel in CE, and used to play the server everyday and even bought VIP. I am sorry for Player pulling and if I do get unbanned I will follow every rule strictly as I should've done and hopefully even lead a regiment into combat once again. There's no other communities like this one, Others don't take RP seriously and is just pure chaos, I miss it. 


Edit : Sorry I meant Morgan not Morgz 

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I mean its been over a year people deserve 2nd chances so maybe its about time to get unbanned

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Bobb was a good guy I really cant lie. He did fuck up with the player pulling however I did speak with him not long after and he does regret it. Its been a long time and he should be given a chance.

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I gotta believe that bobb has changed

for context I was Ce cmdr and about a year ago about 5 ce + Ce vc made their own sever. They then began player pulling people from ce and evan at one point me. All these people were baned for player pulling, perma ban is wonky meaning that the ban for bobb didn’t last as long as it should have, meaning he comes back a month later we’re he is banned by Morgan not Morgz. 

Unlike over members of ce which were perma banned, he didn’t try dox me like others did, and actually showed remorse for doing it.

I have to believe that this guy has learnt from player pulling and I dought he will do it again especially as the sever he was doing it to is now gone.

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From what Pie and others said, +1. Deserves a 2nd chance

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