74th ARC Medkit, Diagnosis Kit and DC-15S

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What your suggestion is: Add the medkit, diagnosis kit and swap out the DC-15A for DC-15s

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Any additional information: As 74th our main equipment is our medkit, as ARC we can only have one of our regimental equipment so that being said having the medkit in our loadout on spawn would be helpful rather than call staff for it (now im going with the medkit as it wouldn't make sense to choose either the stim shot or bacta grenades as they wouldn't really allow us to do our job properly), same with the diagnosis kit another important part of 74th equipment used in passive rp (checkups and any disease events) . As for the DC-15s thats the weapon that 74th have so it would allow for a more fair environment during trainings.


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I believe that a medkit should be standard equipment for all of 74th, just like the defuse kit for 212th. 

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+1 74th ARC is really undesirable to begin with as you lose a lot of your equipment. This would make their lives easier. 

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