MC&D Salesman application

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Common Roleplay Name: David Hayes and Ozimorock Zarvick

Steam Name: Kvisten

Discord Name: Kvisten#0226

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:209890907

Your Current Warns (15 warn limit, take a screenshot): 1 warning for FailRP


Your Current Playtime: 7w, 1d, 0h, 51min currently

Why do you want to join MC&D?: Reason why I want to join MC&D has different reasons. The first reason is that the job sounds quite fun selling different types of weapons, drinks and drugs to others. Such as distributing/selling equipment for such as Chaos Insurgency so they are more prepared for their operations. Secondly, I have never played a vendor job before and I think that the Salesman is a good job for me to test it out. Thirdly, I think that MC&D lore is quite good and I just want to enjoy to roleplay as MC&D Salesman.

How often do you play Bouncer/Agent: Right now I do not play Bouncer or Agent. However, I have played both those jobs before back in v4 or v5 when they existed (forgot when exactly). Which has given me knowledge how the jobs work. I have somewhat play Bouncer and Agent during the summer a bit. So I have good understanding what and how to play those jobs even though I have not played them a lot recently. 

Have you read the job rules (In the Rules thread) and the Code of Conduct/Permissions in this thread?(One word is not a valid answer): Yes, I have read the job rules and the CoC/permissions and I will follow them.



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 +1 Himmler Approves



Whitelists: Previus: All Nu-7, Head Of External Affairs, O5-8, Beta-1 "Cauterziers" Riot Unit and Sentinel Unit, ECMx2, O5-9 "The Secret Keeper", Nu-7 Commander, CI Delta, HoEA, Alpha-1, Omega-1, ???, Maxwellist Acolyte, E-11 Commander, Site Director, ISD, HoMD and  MC&D Salesman.


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Dear Applicant, 

I have decided to Accept your application to become a Salesman.
Contact either me or staff at the earliest convenience to receive your whitelist.
Welcome to Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. Do not disappoint us.

Mr Ruprecht Carter

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