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Jim's 1048 application

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State your current/most common RP Name: Jim Pickles, PVT Pickles


State your current Steam Username: Fanta


Provide your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:44083630


State your current in game level(Level 30 required, exceptions can be made): 50


State your current in game rank (User,VIP,Gold VIP etc.) Platinum VIP


State your current playtime in game (2 days required, exceptions can be made): 1w 3h


How many warnings do you have?(15 warns is the limit, exceptions can be made)You MUST PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT: 1 old warning for metagaming. 


Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP? (1 sentence is not an answer.): Yes I do, I understand the rules perfectly and whenever I am in doubt of something, I read up on the rules. I understand that if I break a rule, I will be punished accordingly.


Do you understand the basics of 1048? (1 sentence is not an answer.): Yes, I understand that 1048 is a mostly docile SCP with the ability to make copies of itself. 1048 is capable of collecting ears to make 1048-A which is capable of emitting a shriek which will cause ear like growths to appear on anyone within a 10 meter radius.


Do you understand that PassiveRP is very important in this job and why?: PassiveRP is extremely important to 1048, considering it is mostly docile in nature. PassiveRP is important considering 1048 is allowed to freely roam about the facility and interact with anyone.


Do you understand the rules of SCP-1048, and are you willing to follow them at all times?(1 sentence is not an answer): I do. For example, 1048 can not leave the facility unless given authorisation by a senior admin or higher, and is being escorted or captured by an individual. I am completely willing to abide by the rules set for 1048.


Describe how SCP-1048 should act with and around Foundation Personnel: 1048 should act kindly around foundation personnel, and must communicate only through gestures or drawings. 1048 should not break FearRP around armed personnel and if cuffed, may not break out.


Describe what SCP-1048 does: 1048 mostly either roams around the facility or is in containment, 1048 communicates by gestures or drawings only. 1048 sometimes collects ears and can use them to form 1048-A. 1048 is largely docile and is mostly free to roam about the facility, with exceptions being Entrance Zone or outside, where 1048 may be terminated, but only with Site Director or above's permission.


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