Eriks Unban Appeal

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My In-Game name: CT 1521 Erik

STEAMID: ( STEAM_1:0:181524894

Steam Name: Erikslayer

What is the reason for your ban: attempted rdm and some other reason

How long were you banned for: 1 week

Name of the staff member who banned you:  don't remember it

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned because it was a misunderstanding, the admin mistook me probably with another stormtrooper and said I tried to ardm even tho I  didnt shoot anyone, later then banned me for 1 week for some reason. I want to be unbanned since im bored and want to play on this server and do stuff here. I am also new to this genre, and maybe broke a rule that I didnt know about since i am new to this star wars rp, and if I did I am sorry.


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The staff team can check logs so unless it was a mis-click, chances are you did happen to shoot someone.

Please have a run through this: 


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First of all, staff would not warn someone for ARDM without checking the logs and making sure you did it, also i can see that you are new since you called the Clone Troopers Storm Troopers. Go read the rules when ban is over to prevent this from happening


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I highly doubt what you've said is true, we check logs each time we ban someone. And a 1 week ban for just saying you're going to rdm? Something isnt right about your story. 

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