Unban request, (Date of Ban: 30 Oct 2019)

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Admins' name that banned you: Can't remember.
Admin's steamID:  -

Why did you get banned?: 

Long story short, I got banned for Ltap when playing on my brothers computer (aswell as on his account for). Why his account? My computer was broke at the time so I occasionally played on his computer and didn't bother changing to my account. The ban was probably around 5 days. At that time I loved playing on the server, I followed the rules (Except Ltap sometime), I loved the roleplay and the environment. Because I couldn't stand not being able to play on the server I logged onto my own steam account on the same computer to play. I know it was incredibly stupid but keep in mind, at that time I was dedicated to the server. This resulted in a permanent ban on both accounts. 

I know I should have waited for the orginal ban to expire because I deserved it. And it is wrong what I did, trying to manipulate the system by logging onto a different account. Keep in mind, I just wanted to keep playing and NOT keep breaking rules.

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Lately I taken a break from Gmod and have got time to reflect on my actions. This period off the server have made me understand to not take anything for granted. I had such a good time back then and all I want is to experience that again as well as stop feeling sorrow for my brother because of my selfishness.

Some time back (2-3 years ago, maybe) me and my brother enjoyed playing on the server so much we donated. At the time I believe the pack I bought was called something with "Gold" and my brother bought XP to level up. Altough I don't have any proof of this at the moment you are just going to have to take my word for it. 

In order for you to believe how dedicated me and my brother was on the server you should be able to check our playtime. 


My brothers: (Jon Beef, ingame name)

Mine: (Can't remember my ingame name)

Anything else?: I sincerely apologies for the bother. My ban should have originally been up to five days but resulted in permanent because of my stupidity, unknowningness and eagerness. I have changed and there is only one way for me to prove it. 

I hope that you understand my respect towards the staff and the server. 

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21 hours ago, Kennet said:


My brothers: (Jon Beef, ingame name)

Mine: (Can't remember my ingame name)

My brother's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:69022001

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:69021903

Just realized the first ban was due to Alt+E abuse and not Ltap, I somehow mixed them up. I hope it doesn't make this more complicated.

Also, sorry for the spelling errors (if the text came across as sloppy) but I hope the explanation and apology is clear.

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