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Remove A-1 and O-1

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8 minutes ago, Windows XP said:


While they are....yeah, what will replace them exactly?

No one.

I mean A-1 unwhitelisted isn't that much of a problem. Sure you will see extremely powerhungry people do random shit because they're A-1 and got CL4 keycard. However, O-1 has to be removed. It is honestly the most obnoxius job there is. I see the most annoying, powerhungry and obnoxious people in it. I mean they are doing anything what I have seen. So +1 on removing O-1. -1 on removing A-1 because A-1 atleast does their job better than O-1 and there is no real difference between wl A-1 and unwl A-1 besides from powerhungry people. 



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I mean most of the time you see 1 person on a1 hogging it all day because they feel like becoming it and naming themself "Agent Nobody" will get them respect which it won't because that's now how it works. I mean look at "commander" Winter. Hogs it almost everyday if he can. I can't speak for O1 since I haven't seen anyone on it because I play goc mainly but I do know that they are absolute monke at doing anything productive.

RN I'm leaning towards neutral/+1 but if it was removed then replace it with something else or add 1 MTF in their place to do the jobs they do as a wled job.

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dw about it mate
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I mean, the activity on O-1 and A-1 is at an all time high. Never again will a O5 arrive on site without A-1 to protect him.

And rarely will a ECM ever be without his loyal O-1.

And removing them will most likely lead to a MTF being added that can order around units because funny lore says nobody knows who they are, or that they are somehow more powerful than the SD .


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I mean most of the "retards" that are playing it now are the players who where in it before. 

but saying that I think that the current A-1 and O-1 are much better than before of course you get some retards but then I think all the new good people playing balances it out.

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I still honestly have no idea what O1 does and for me they are just kinda there. A1 is mostly camped by people who know what the job does and if I ever have a problem with any of the A1 I just get them demoted. Your suggestion is really lacking any details and you haven't even bothered to give a single example about A1 like you did with O1. You haven't presented any alternative or really convinced me that this a better than having them.

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