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I want to get unnbanned

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Server you got banned from:  SCP Roleplay

Your name in-game: (I don't know Have not been on game for a few months)

Your SteamID: 1035320326

Admins' name that banned you: I dont know

Admin's steamID: dont know

Why did you get banned?:   I actually Got banned By admin for prop spam the ban was only to last 5 minutes but i got banned by the system for trying to enter the game with an alt Account But i did not try and do any think i only tried see my report and after seeing the report 2 times the screen started to load and make me enter the game so then i fort i was unbanned but then the ban report poped up on my screen and said you have been banned for trying to get access to the game with an alt account 

But i think may know why it did that it 

So im friends with someone on steam and they share Gmod (Family access on steam) with me and idk why but i think the system Fort that they were trying to get access some how to the server but he does not even play on the server 

I actually got banned months ago and i tried to do a form for this but i got denied 

So this is my second reason as to why the system Banned me for alt account abuse or whatever 

I think i joined prob a few secs early and the game must of fort that i was trying to get access to it but i was in the same account when i got banned and when i tried to  join back and then this shit happend so its really up to you guys hopfully you guys will take my word for it Sorry if i have made spelling mistakes im just stressing out a littel because i dont think your system would just make a mistake like that and then ban me for trying to get access with and alt account  
Oh and i have calmed down a little as well and im sorry if i upsetted you guys into banning me

So yeah really idk what the fuck to do because i have no way of proving my innocence and i will be happy if i get accepted but if im denied i will understand because apparently you guys don't accept alt accounts access to bans even tho i did not so idk what to do and im telling i swear i did not try and get access to the server i love playing on this server and i would not do any think to get banned forever so yeah 

and lets put this to real tho if i only had a 5 minutes ban why would i go out on my own way to get access threw an alt account knowing that i would be banned forever for it so lets take that to mind 

But hopfully you guys will accept  

Evidence(Un-necessary): No sadly

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Because im not a dumbass who would risk it all for a 5 minutes ban and well everything you need to know is up Look up

Anything else?:No

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All im asking for is a second chance to prove myself  but the sad part is that well the alt account thing will not look good on me when someone reads this so if you want the whole story please look on top of the report and read it to the bottem please dont just juge me please read my story 

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Ok but take this into mind tho if you have read the story 


I had a 5 minutes ban Do you think i would go out of my own way to just get banned forever for a 5 minutes ban is just commen sence to not do that on a 5 minute ban to try and get access to the game (with a alt account) because of a 5 minute ban 

So if any problems happens to the system and it messes around 

Your saying for indence that the person is lying about it 

I disagree very much on this now yes the person could be lying about it 

but what happens to the people who are not lying about it (like me) 

But i have no proof to proof this  so you guys just have to trust me on this and take my word for it 

But it is up to you guys 

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Legit was just banned yesterday on NRP - 

Only noticed this because he has the same forum name and saw the posts on the right hand side of most active forum posts, as I never even look at other RP servers, but you really think you should get a second chance when you just got banned on NRP for breaking a rule purposely? Give me a break. 

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Ok but i already explained what happened yesaday tho and i already explained that it was not my fault some dumb car going super speed

and the admin got me a new car and it started to go super speed when alex got in so i don't what was wrong with the car but for one i did not commit it by purposely  And for two stop bringing different stories from different servers

Thats my problem with the NRP not here 

So bye 🙂

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We are just gonna have to wait and see what happens but its a shame that this system error  has happend because i enjoyed playing on the SCP roleplay

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Spelled it wrong
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Wdym we have no proof the console auto detecting you tried to come with a alt is proof. you have no proof of being innocent besides " Would i risk it all over a 5 min ban " and yk, you could not have known it auto bans people with same id, so that arguement is flawed.

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No i dont mean you have no proof i mean me having no proof to proof im innocent thats what i was only about


And im talking about my first ban when i prop spammed then i got banned for 5 minutes and when i tried to open the report when you open the game it stops you and tells you have been banned instead of that happening it started to load into the game and then it said i tried to Bypass the ban even tho i was still on the same account so thats what im getting confused about is that why the fuck would the system just say that even tho i am on the the same account !


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Look let me make this clear for everyone who wants to comment 

If you guys don't belive me then so be bit because i understand That as you guys put your system/console does not make mistakes but this time it did and well as you can see i got banned for trying to bypass the ban with an (Alt  account) even tho i was in the same account so im going to explain the whole story again because why the fuck not:) But let me have food first then i type it out


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So this is the beginning of the story 

I got banned for prop spam for 5 minutes So after i got banned i saw my report and i closed it off my computer but then i wanted to see my report  again so i went into Gmod and pressed on the game and normally the report would pop up but this time it didn't so instead of the report showing the game started to load and started loading every think up then right after it said  (All the files needed for Lua) The ban appeared out of no where and said (You have been banned for trying to bypass with and alt account) 

So there you go im not writing this again 

So before you say you lying and shit like that and -1 and stuff like that Your system Failed this time 

So because i cant be bothered with this no more  just accept me or don't 

End off


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You can edit posts, just saying.


It is actually Impossible for a mistake like this to occur. If you could join the server even though you are banned, that would mean an error in GMod itself, and not the server. The ability to ban people exists in the base game, a system to ban people that evade said ban does not.

Accidental or not, you definitely logged in with another account.

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You know what

I give up If you guys don't belive me then i doubt  admin guy will 

i just give up im sorry but i cant proof anythink to you lot so its just no point no more

I cant tell why this happend why it has only happend to me but your system AKA console is wrong lol 

So yeah and im not going to say sorry because for one i did not log into alt account so yeah

I give up lol do whatever you think is right



But lets be real im probley going to be denied so yeah because i have no proof to proof all of this (my claims) so yeah Bye

Nice knowing your SCP roleplay server 

LOL Sad days


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Just wanted to put some think new
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I think red is sus i saw him go into the admin room with purple and purple did not come out i saw on cttv

I think red is the imposter

Not me fixer im just a crewmate


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11 hours ago, Hanz Mannic said:

I think red is sus i saw him go into the admin room with purple and purple did not come out i saw on cttv

I think red is the imposter

Not me fixer im just a crewmate



i have overdosed 4 times since being banned from scp rp

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