make keycards/knives spawn differently

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as of now, there is hardly any reward to playing d class and way too much risk

for example, let's say you spend an average amount of time (30 minutes) trying to get a card repeatedly checking the rooms. this is grinding and is boring. if another d class has a card, even if he's escaped, it will not spawn.

then, you spend an extra 15 minutes escaping the d block and getting a gun, almost reaching gate a only to be gunned down by some mtf who can respawn with the same equipment in a second with no loss or penalty

45 minutes of work down the drain for what?


i suggest that keycards/knives spawn at an interval based on the number of d class in the block, and do not depend on no d class already having them. this prevents d class escaping and unknowningly detrimenting the rest, or one going AFK and preventing cards from being obtained

for example, if there are 5 or fewer d class on, the cards/knife spawn will be refreshed every 15 minutes

if there are 6-10 on, they refresh every 10 minutes

10-15 refreshes every 7 minutes

15+ refreshes every 5 minutes


this gives d class the ability to organise their attempts and have some sort of chance to pile up their resources to make the risky escape attempt. the danger of being shot is still the same, and they're still as likely to be killed, but this way it makes it so you don't lose an hour of your life preparing because you got stuck in a doorway or killed by a security guard. it makes the job more fun for both d class and security.

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