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DLT 18 Recoil Buff

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So, the DLT was buffed and is finally a usable weapon however the recoil is still pretty bad and out of all the weapons in the game its the worst when it comes to recoil.
Im not asking for it to be a killing machine by any means, but i can always argue the point that every other regiments weapons have no recoil(barring the rotatory blaster) but the DLT does, and it has the most recoil out of everything else. Its really hard to shoot even at medium range with its recoil and its not a fun experience for our NCOs and even COs. We feel like we have no influence when we are just sitting on our barricades because we cant actually shoot too many things at medium to far range(far range isn't that much of a big deal considering we aren't a sniping regiment or a frontline regiment). 
The mini gun is good however its not too accurate at medium range and it would be nice to have a weapon that can shoot medium range and then the minigun which is really good at close range.
If the fire rate needs to be lowered or the damage in return for less recoil than I'm pretty sure all of DU would take that trade off because the gun is pretty shite with its kick.

Not to mention that NCOs and the rest of DU most of the time will not see too much action during events since we are normally tasked with holding our defenses hence why events can be a bit boring now and then, so having a weapon we can use from our barricades that's isn't OP but is alright to at least hit targets would really help DU members enjoy the events more.

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The DLT can't even hit people standing in front of the armory if you're on GR defense on Anaxes. This gun was absolute shit before its recent buff but, despite the additions, its still a better choice to use the DC15. If its damage or fire rate was reduced for more accuracy, DU would be very grateful.

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I mean why not, every other gun used by regiments has no or very little recoil. Obviously retain some of the recoil as its an LMG and its kinda the point but i can see why DU wants it changed. You fire one or two shots and you find yourself shooting straight upwards.

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