Mikey Unban request

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My-Ingame Name: Mikey
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52792206
Steam Name: Clxpzyxox
What is the Reason for your ban: Trying To Evade Ban On ALT account.
How long were you banned for: Permanent
Member of staff who banned you: Console
Why do I believe i should be Un-banned: I'm going to be honest to who this may concern to, I was banned on March 25th 2020 for the reason to being Evading my 3 day ban that i got 1 minute prior for leaving the game in Jail. I then went on my second account and tried to join back on the server, but i got permanently banned. In the time of lock down and the past couple of months i have turned 14 and over that time, I have become alot more mature as I did get Head Admin on a FiveM server but I left the server as I had family problems. The Reason for this Unban request it that i would love to join back Werwolf Gaming Star Wars RP and see how all my old friends are. I know now that my past actions were wrong and that I was a cocky and stupid 13 yr old thinking hes big but the real image was that i was Immature and a Idiot. If you would please think about Unbanning me it would mean alot.

Garry's Mod 15_05_2020 10_03_27.png

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Well while it was a long time ago, you still did LTARP and try to bypass it. If other people can vouch for you then I wouldn't mind seeing you in, but I'm still not sure...

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Thank you for not making a fake story about why you tried to bypass

it has been some time

but idk you ands idk if you have improved

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Your acting like its been years since this happened but its only been a few months, however you have put in some effort for this request and I guess that shows something. 

If you really did get head admin that shows a decent level of maturity so I'm leaning towards +1 but not sure

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