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In Game Name: James Bluejay

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:547679566

Age: 18


Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:  

I play a lot of HoS, I'm good at managing the people, showing the newer guards what to do and keeping the entire facility (not just d-block) secure. And I often played SD back when it wasn't WL. 


Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:

Past experience playing as SD (and similar roles). I know the role of the SD, how to act in different situations as him and what I can and cannot do as the SD. I'm able to work with other Site Administration to achieve goals and actually use the Site Advisors. I understand the chain of command and how different roles interact with eachother.


What role does the Site Director have on the site?

The SD manages the entire site as a whole. Their goal is to maintain a functioning facility and they have the power to do so as the highest ranking member (not including the O5) in the facility. They'll talk to Commanders, Head Researchers, Head of Security, and their Advisors to achieve this goal and if they are not up for the task they are able to demote them and replace with someone more suitable.


What is the O5 Council?:
The O5 council (sometimes called Overseers) are the people who are the true leaders of the Foundation. They outrank the Site Director and are always the most important person on site. Lower clearance aren't able to get near them and even lower clearance don't know about them. They have a CL5 keycard, can order a nuclear detonation and know secrets that not even the SD is allowed to know. The Site Director reports directly to them and must follow their orders. MTF Alpha-1 also reports to them and they're tasked with protecting the O5. 

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-Average knowledge of the O5 council



-Mediocre Candidate

-Terrible past experiences

-Mediocre knowledge of the Site Director



Whitelists: Previus: All Nu-7, Head Of External Affairs, O5-8, Beta-1 "Cauterziers" Riot Unit and Sentinel Unit, ECMx2, O5-9 "The Secret Keeper", Nu-7 Commander, CI Delta, HoEA, Alpha-1, Omega-1, ???, Maxwellist Acolyte, E-11 Commander, Site Director, ISD, HoMD and  MC&D Salesman.


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Your application for site director has been DENIED

I was not convinced by your description that you would make a good SD nor do I feel like giving you a chance. Explanation of what the SD does lacks details and explanation of what the council does is limited to in game knowledge.

You may reapply in a week.

O5-5 "The Survivor"

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