EVO Troopers

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What your suggestion is:  EVO Troopers


Workshop link: 


Any additional information:  Add in a Set of EVO Troopers that are Made for either Covert OPs or Flanking a Enemy [Like in the GR Where's there only one entrance], Giving them the Cloaking-Infinite they are used to Go Behind enemy Lines and Collect Important Data and If Needed can flank a Heavy Defended Location - Having 6 People from chosen by RC or Admiralty after like a Kind of SIM for Test to Become EVO Troopers, Having about the Same Health as a Normal SO, Cloaking and Heavy Weaponry 🙂

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literally  st which never worked in practice. They needed to have special events made for them self’s and os having cloak can do this job already 

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-1 Pie stated it all. 

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Its basically OS and I don't really like the model, it looks more like an Aqua-trooper 

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-1 EVO troopers are nearly OS expect heavy weapons

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