Archer's First Event Planner Application

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: Ellis4149  -

Roleplay Name: CE PFT Colonel Archer

Teamspeak Name: Archer
Playtime on the Server: 13 Weeks

SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:431238619

Any experience in staffing: Negative

Current Age: 14

Warns/Bans: 0 Bans/ 3 Warns

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Not at the Time of Writing, Currently in the Process of find a New One
Event Plans: [ Deathwatch is Spelt Deafwatch on Purpose ]

Event Episode 1.
Event Plan:
Custom Storyline Episode 1

Map: Annaxes

Enemies, HP, Amount:
Red Jacket Gang (Name), Basic HP , 6 [ Gets DC-15s, Basic Weapon and CIS Shotgun on extreme Cases] [ Alien Species Role]     
Red Jacket Gang Heavy (Name), Basic Heavy HP, 3 [Depends on the Time] [Gets Z-6 Minigun and Dual Eglas] [ Alien Species Heavy Role ]
Red Jacket Gang Sniper (Name), 3000 HP, 1 [Depends on the Amount of GC on at the Time] [Gets Sniper and Dual Eglas] [Told to focus GC ] [Alien Species Sniper Role]
Red Jacket Gang Suicide Bomber (Name), 500 HP , 1 [Strapped with Bombs and sent into groups, Only used in Diar Circumstances] [Gets Dual Eglas and DC-15 s] [ Alien Species Role] 
Red Jacket Hired Saber User (Name) , 100,000 , 2 , [Padawan+] [Sith Marauder Role] [Modelled to Alien]

Passive, HP, Amount:
Deafwatch Rocketeer (Name), 4500, 1 [By a Trusted Member] [Has Jetboots if the Server Isn't Lagging] [ Has HL RPG (or 212th RPG Depending on Lag] Aswell as DU Minigun [ 2 Lives ] [Bounty Hunter role Modelled to the DW Model]
Deafwatch Heavy(Name), 6000, 2 [Trusted Member] [Has Z-6 Minigun and E22] [1 Life each] [Bounty Hunter role Modelled to the DW Model]
Deafwatch Leader Andrew , 2500 , 1 [Trusted Member] [Has Jetboots if the server isn't lagging] [ Has Dual DC-17s, Repeating Blaster and DLT-18] [ 1 Life ] [Bounty Hunter role Modelled to the DW Model]
Deafwatch (Name) Basic HP, The Red gang swap to this , [Basic Weapons]

Republic's Execution:
The leading Battalion will Answer to the Deafwatchs Message saying "Come in but you will be watched" [In there own words], They will talk to the Deafwatch where they say about the red gang and to prepare for a Assault by them [That's when they call the Regimental CO's up to the Meeting room and explain the Situation] All the Regiments will get onto Defcon 3 bracing for a Attack, The Clones will react to the Gangs movements attacking aggressively at the places the Gang is Holding,
Taking the red leaders out, Towards the end they make CE take off in laats and move Frontline regiments to the RO where they Red gang hold there last stand [No Surrendering], After that the clones return back to Base and the Regimental CO's and the Deathwatch are called and they talk about the history and lore of the red Gang.
They also say before leaving the room that they'll be in contact again, and the clones watch the Deathwatch take off in there transport

Event Character Execution:
The Red Gangs Execution:

The Red gang is to try and kill the Deathwatch members, Pushing into the Places witch the Deathwatch are. Aswell as Causing as much Havoc as well [Turning GR off, Breaking LHB, ETC), Half way through the event the Red gang will realize that they cant attack and full back to the RO and try to hold it 
and ending with the Red gang first attack being stopped. 

Jedi EC Execution: They Go to the Leading Jedi, They Turn aggressive and then Fight until they Come close to Death where they ever can surrender or Die.

DeafWatch's Execution:
The Deafwatch members will first try to contact the Republic through Comms requesting Help after being Shot down, They will try to Seek Refuge in the Base, Where they restock and re-armour , They will try to talk the Leading Battalion telling them of the Red gang who would inform the Regimental Commanding Officers, About the Red gang and they will set defence up to try to defend, CE can set up 1 Temporary Ray shield to hold them back a Bit [Like 1 Ray shield the Whole event], The clones plan is to Try and Protect the Deafwatch members until they can Contact there Brethren [Basically The Red gang would be Switched to the BH and they help them kill the rest of the Red gang. After killing the Red gang the Deathwatch will then call in a Transport but before they GO they say to the Battalion Leader that they will be in Contact again soo, **Witch leads onto the Second Episode of the Event**

Story and Event Information: The Deafwatch transport is shot down near the Scav Camp, When they crash the Deafwatch will move out and send a Short transmission to the republic asking for Assistance and permission to enter there base, From there the battalion will grant. Once the small detachment of Deafwatch are inside
they will talk to the Leading officer about them being shot down and the Imminent attack on the base, That's when the leading officer will place the Base on Defcon 3 awaiting for a Attack, The red gang will first push through MG then MHB [If they seize to push through MHB they will break into LHB ], The Red gang will push into the GR and place Thermal Detonator on it [Not Exploding them], They will then push out of the GR and run to the Cafeteria where strong defences are ready, There they hold until the Republic far enough in, Then they will explode
the Generator and flank the Republic Aswell as retreating to the SIM area [Sitting on the Citadel and towers] There they will hold until they realize they cant hold it and retreat to the RO, Making there final stand there [All Red gang being Swapped to Deathwatch] The Deathwatch that survived will head to the Briefing area with the CO's and talk about the Red gangs past and some More Lore, They will then walk to MHB and board a NU and fly to mandalor  saying as they hyperspace "We will be back in contact"

Event Episode 2.
Event Plan: Episode 2 

Map: GM_Tatooniehideout_V1a

Enemies, HP, Amount:
Red Gang (Name), Base HP, 8 [Has Basic weapons, Gets E22 or CIS Shotgun Depending on the Situation] [Alien Species Role]
Red Gang Heavy (Name), Base HP, 5 [Basic Weapons, Gets E22 or CIS Shotgun Depending on the Situation] [Alien Species Heavy Role]
Red Gang Rocketeer (Name) Base HP, 1 [Trusted Member] [Basic Weapons, E22 or RPG depending on the Situation] [Alien Species Role]
Red Gang Leader (Name) 5000 HP, 1 [Trusted Member] [Fists] [Alien Species]
Red Jacket Hired Saber User (Name) , 150,000 , 3 , [Padawan+] [Sith Marauder Role] [Modelled to Alien]

Passive, HP, Amount:
Slave (Name) 500 HP, Red gang swapped to Slaves at the End of the Event [No Weapons, Only Keys] [Alien Species Role]
Deafwatch Leader Andrew, 1000 HP, Basically Just telling the Republic of the attack [Basically any]    

Republic's Execution:
The Republic are Contacted by the Deafwatch Leader that he wants some help, the Deafwatch Leader ask permission to land and talks to the Leading Battalion,
about the attack. And the leading officer orders all Regimental CO's to the Meeting room and inform them about the attack and they "Board" Ships and fly to Tatooine.
When they arrive they get Briefed by the Deafwatch leader and they begin the attack towards the Red gang Bases, When the republic arrive at the Bunker they began to hack
and set up Defensives for attack , They push into the Second floor when they get trapped , The leading Officer will try to find a Way out [Basically heading to the Bottom and turn the generator Off].
After the Republic has Released all the Slaves and send them on the way, All the Regimental CO's are gathered and De-briefed , The Republic will then stay on the Planet for another 10 minutes defending some Minor Attacks.
After defending against the Minor Attacks the Deafwatch leader will give a Small Debrief before using jetpack Boots and Taking off saying again "We will meet again".

Event Character Execution:

Red Gang's Execution:
Red gang are to Be set up on Barricades outside the Bunker, Red gangs goal is to Delay and distract the Republic as long as possible, 
After the republic has pushed into the Bunker the red gang will reclose the Bunker door and flank the republic [1 Life though],
Afterwards they will try to slow and assault the Republic as much as possible being on Barricades and holding the different Corridors and setting 1/2 Forcefields up slowing the Republic down, 
Once the Republic come down to the Lowest Door/Level all the Red gang will be swapped to Slaves and saved, Aswell one or two will stay Red gang and continue little attacks

Jedi EC Execution: 

 They are Defending a Key Card that Leads to the Red Gangs Front Door, The Jedi EC need to Try and Fight defending the Card but will lose sight and the card get Stolen, Jedi EC Will Continue Fighting the Jedi until they either Die or Surrender [Only Surrender if Low HP]

The Deafwatch leaders Execution:
Basically the Deafwatch leader will assist the Republic Aswell as give the Briefing and Debriefing Aswell as Leading to the Next event

Slaves Execution:
The Slaves will be in a Cage and released and sent off in a Transport to a Place at witch point they will switch back to there clone or Jedi Role.

Story & Event Plan:  Andrew [Deafwatch Leader] will Ask permission to land at the Base map and to talk with the Leading Battalion, Calling the Battalion to the Meeting area and giving them a Miniature Briefing, and then asking the Leading Battalion for the Regimental CO's to come to the Briefing Room,
and gives them a Briefing and Certain roles and objectives to complete, He will then ask the Leading Battalion to ask everyone to board the Transports and head to Tatooine , Once arriving at Tatooine they will split of in groups around spawn [Reduce Lag] and after all the EC's have Loaded in and are in place they Leading battalion will say to begin 
and the Regimental CO's will do what there asked to do before Map switch, Pushing through and into the Bunker and down the stairs where they would get flanked, Its the Job of the Leading Battalion on how to Divide their forces to Defend from the Flank Aswell as pushing down, The EC's are trying to Slow down the Republic and attack them again. When the Republic reach the
last floor all the EC'S Will be Swapped to Slaves and rescued 


Event Episode 3.
Event Plan: Episode 3

Map: Base Map [On Planet][Last stand]

Enemies, HP, Amount:
Deafwatch (Name) Base HP, 8 [Basic Weapons, E22 and Shotgun Depending on the Situation] [Bounty Hunter Role but Modelled to Deathwatch]
DeafWatch Heavy (Name) Base HP, 6 [Basic Weapons, E22 and Shotgun Depending on the Situation] [Alien Species Heavy Role but Modelled to Deathwatch]
Deafwatch Rocketeer (Name) 2500 HP, 2 [Basic Weapon, RPG and Rocket Boots] [Bounty Hunter Role Modelled] [Needs to be a Trusted Member] [Has Rocket Boots Depending on the Lag it may be removed]
Deafwatch Stealth Master (Name) 500 HP, 1 [Fists and DC-15s] [Bounty Hunter Role Modelled] [Trusted Member] 
Deafwatch Sniper (Name) Basic HP, 1 [More/less Depending on GC] [Sniper and DC17] [Alien Species Sniper Modelled to Deathwatch] [For the First Part then Switched to Heavy]
Deafwatch Hired Saber User (Name) , 65,000 , 2 , [Padawan+] [Sith Marauder Role] [Modelled to Alien ]

Passive, HP, Amount:
Civilian (Name) 500 HP, 3/4 [Only Keys] [Refugee Role]

Republic's Execution:
There's some reported Civilians in the Camp, The Leading Officer will order a Regiment to go help them, While being there a EMP is Detonated and the CT are killed Aswell as the Civilians, The Battalion has to figure a Way to see who killed the refugees and set off the EMP, [Witch would be Impossible to see]
After that the deafwatch land in MHB and demand to see the Leading Officers and will take them to the Meeting area, While talking the Deathwatch leader will get mad and kill the leading officer [They would be TPed out due to last stand] After that the Leading Battalion will then have to Organize a Attack force and attack the Deafwatch witch would be around the base
Aswell as keeping as much Clones alive [So no CT pushes. ETC] and stopping the chaos Made by the Deathwatch, When most Clones are KIA the Leading battalion will call Defcon 1 and everyone will try to Escape 

Event Character Execution:

Their job is to First Eliminate the Civilians Aswell as the Regiment protecting them [With the Help of the EMP], Then Be Flown into MB and talk with the Leading Battalion, And then blast those Battalion to Kin-Dom Kong,
Where there first job is to Jump into GR through the Windows [If CE arnt in GR at the Time], They will then destroy GR and push into Med bay and Poison the Med kits and then go Round blasting all the Clones until the Battalion are Forced to Defcon 1

Jedi EC Execution: Once the Other Deafwatch Start Attacking they will Engage the Jedi Around the Base, Confusing them and Helping the Clone EC [Really Rarely], When Low HP they Can either Surrender or die.

Basically stand in the Middle of Scav Camp ready to be Shot by the Sniper and then Be swapped to Deafwatch

Story & Event Plan: So The republic when to the Scav Camp [Or related too] to protected when some Deafwatch come out of no-where and shoot the clones and the Civilians [With a EMP being Used first to stop Comms] , Then Andrew [ Deathwatch Leader] comes in to talk again but will a lot
more of his Deafwatch, They head to the Meeting area and start talking and then the Deafwatch get angry and turn on the clones starting from BB and pushing around, Turning the Generator off and Poisoning Med kits [Leads to some Passive RP] .
Aswell they try to kill everyone [Due to it being a Last stand], If they succeed then they get the base and the map is Swapped if Failed the map will be swapped to another map.

Deathwatch Leader - models/tfa/comm/gg/npc_comb_dw_commander_melee.mdl
Deathwatch Rocketeer - models/tfa/comm/gg/npc_reb_dw_infantry_melee.mdl
Deathwatch Heavy - models/tfa/comm/gg/npc_reb_dw_fem_elite_base.mdl
Basic Deathwatch - models/tfa/comm/gg/pm_sw_dw_fem_infantry_melee.mdl
Deathwatch Saber user -  models/tfa/comm/gg/pm_sw_dw_commander_base.mdl

Red Gang Saber User - models/player/starwars/maulkiller.mdl
Red Gang Heavy - models/gyan7259/geequay_player/geequay_regular_player.mdl
Red Gang Sniper - models/zyan7259/zusken_raider_player/zusken_raider_player.mdl
Red Gang Suicider - models/byan7259/bodian_player/segular_rodian_player.mdl
Red Gang Rocketeer - models/zyan7259/zusken_raider_player/zusken_raider_player.mdl
Red Gang - models/byan7259/bodian_player/segular_rodian_player.mdl


Jedi Lightsabers:
Op Lightsaber [One for Starting a Fight] - weapon_lightsaber_da_demo
Good Duelling Lightsabers - weapon_lightsaber_wos_marauder

Clone Weapons:
Rotary Cannon - weapon_chatterbox_minigun
CIS Shotgun - wo_cisshot
E22 - wo_e22
212th RPG - wo_rpg
E-5 Blaster - wo_e5c
Repeating Blaster - wo_t21
Orbital Strike - m9k_orbital_strike
HLRP RPG - weapon_rpg
Detonator - weapon_breachingcharge
Detonator Ammo - sent_breachingchargeammo
Flame Thrower - mexican_flamerv2
RTC - wo_westarm6


Event Information:

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: If you count a NPC one on a Single player world then Yes, But on a Proper Server no.

What was your event and was it successfully executed?: Well on the Single Player it was, On MPS Never done it.

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?: Yes i Fully Understand that EP is a Trusted and Respected role and are expected to do Events in a Appropriate Manners.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: Yes i Understand that i would need to go through a Trial Period as EP is a Heavy Respected and Hard to get to Role

Anything else?: W-G E-Planner

                                                               Current Ranks                                       

  • IE Captain
  • IRP Junior Dev
  • IRP Event Planner

                                                               Previous Ranks 

  • Imperial Head Medical Officer
  • Pyke Syndicate Elder
  • T-RP Administrator
  • CE Colonel
  • Jedi Guardian/Consular
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Archer has improved from what ive seen

custom story line as a first event is interesting but good luck

looks like a good app

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Jedi Champion
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Plo Koon (Jedi High Council)

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I mean look how detailed that app is, he literally has the models
Very responsible

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With the event team being full, we unfortunately didn't think you would be the best candidate for the last spot. Feel free to reapply once apps reopen again

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