Franz Dogenburg - Speed

Speed's Discord Unban Request.

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My In-Game name: CE FT CPL Speed

Discord Name: Apache Helicopter#4430

What is the reason for your ban: I was banned off the discord permanently due to mass ping. 

How long were you banned for: Permanently

Name of the staff member who banned you: Lewis

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:


I can understand being banned, for over a month, but to be permanently banned over a mass ping, seems a bit excessive. However, it's not something that should go without punishments, of course, but I do feel it's been a decent amount of time. Leading on from that, in regards to punishments, I believe even restrictions in the discord, for myself, would be warranted: such as the inability to ping roles, etc. 

It is just the fact that I cannot deny that going without access to the discord severely hampers my progress in-game. Cadet loggings, keeping up to the date with the regiment, just generally chatting with the people is all far more limited considering. I have to message someone to put my loggings in.

I want to continue to play the server seriously, and I do regret it. I really do want to fully join back SWRP again, both in it's discord and community wise.

I can understand if you want to continue my ban, it's completely justified to do so but all I ask for is the chance to return at some point.

Evidence: Obviously I cant provide the exact message that I was banned with, however it might still viewable, if it wasn't deleted. 

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Netural its only been around a month since you mass pinged i belive it should be permanet but if your hierarchy thinks you improved and wont mass ping again especially when you commander is a discord staff should be given a second chance as you are now NCO so you do kinda need access to cadet loggings

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I don't know how exactly you mass pinged, but to be permanently banned for doing that is a bit harsh. A 1 Year ban should be enough.

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As the one who has NCO Trained him, please unban him. He will need it to log cadet trainings as well as trainings and events if he reaches CO. 

He seems to have changed so it would be nice if he could have it back.

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I'd say one more chance


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It was a permanent ban due to that being the only option in the default banning system. The additional ban system via a bot I didn't use. You aren't the only person that has been banned perma for spamming. If I remember correctly, you spam pinged as you left the server so that doesn't reflect positively. 
As you are now back on the server, I will say that it is quite important for you to have it so +1


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Last time he did it cause he was leaving the server so why wouldn't he mass ping a second time


Also he doesent need discord to log stuff since he can easily get someone to do it for him


One thing u can do is disable all his perms outside his reg and cadet logging


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Were you the guy who resigned, and when resigning you said people should join NRP instead? 
-1 / neutral as you do need discord to log stuff

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I remember you, you mass pinged the whole server when you left the server to play NRP and encouraged others to do aswell so that perma ban sticks to it, but in regards of being NCO you need, to be unbanned but i will maybe happend but they will have a close eye on you

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