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[Sorry for the late app]
Out of Character Section -


Steam Name: Stackiii


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:449876057


Current rank on the server: Plat-VIP


Age: 18


What is your playtime: 3w3d


Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes I do and yes it is


Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes, I have thoroughly


Do you meet the requirements: Yes I do


Quick summary about you: In a quick summary, I’m Michael, I'm a pretty relaxed 18yr old currently at University studying Pharmacy in the U.K where I am from. I joined the server about 4 months ago and I have a continuing drive to be on the server doing more every day. I have a overall pretty positive outlook on life and am not one to spread negativity anywhere and do not enjoy letting people down at all. I can talk to anyone confidently and am 100% dedicated to what I have a passion for. I enjoy being creative and helpful. My hours on the server average 50 a week and I have never missed my minimums for loggings on the server.


In Character Section -


In-Game name: (Regiment, Rank and then your name)

74th SMO Stack


Highest rank obtained:



What current rank do you have: SMO


What is your current regiment: 74th


What should we pick you for Battalion: I believe I am the right choice for battalion for lots of reasons. Primarily because I have good leadership skills leading events and im not one to get nervous at all really. In 74th as hierarchy I have the skills to co-ordinate where multiple people go to heal everyone as effectively as possible which can transfer to Battalion in events leading and co-ordinating multiple regiments to perform their very best.


I also have always and this will continue, a huge amount of passion and drive to be on the server which is needed for battalion along with experience as Hierarchy which has taught me lots; It has taught me how to communicate to lots of people professionally, Know how to get the best out of a Individual and Group and pursue the best possible experience for everyone in the regiment. Those skills from hierarchy make me believe my performance in Battalion would be up to your required standard.


Also Battalion is a regiment where as you know you need to have great communication skills as there is often moments where I would be heard by over a hundred people leading a base attack or a Planetary and I must make sure everyone understands me and for me to give out the best possible orders. That is something I truly believe I can do well. However as Battalion and even now in 74th I strive to make myself better always with drive and passion so If I gave out a bad order in a event for example Id always be open for feedback on how to improve myself in that area which is something I believe I must have, open to feedback negative or positive.


 My character as being a down to earth person, I am serious and attentive knowing that I must behave as a Battalion must on the usual Defcon 5  paying full attention to what is happening on base overseeing trainings, granting and denying, always doing something like SIM's for people etc. I don't minge at all and I am serious as to anything I am involved in being unbias.


Finally, my teamwork skills is probably one of my biggest skills which is convenient for being part of Battalion communicating to higher ups and other people outside battalion.

Though I am a Medic I do believe my combat knowledge is to the standard you require from listening more than others to Battalion in events and that helped as all the Battalion Sims I take part in I perform well.




Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: While on base a battalion’s duty is to make sure that the base is running smoothly with as little disturbances as possible. On base the tasks they are assigned is assigning cadet trainers to train cadets, granting and denying requests, making sure every regiment is performing as best as possible especially the regiment under the battalions supervision. In combat a battalion member leading must make sure to lead all regiments with clear well understood orders, relay important information to all regiments and keep a eye out for what’s happening in the battle to determine what to order.


Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: (If so, explain why)
No, never.


Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: Yes I do 100%


What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading? When a battalion member is not leading their role is to help pushes with frontlines or be with their regiment they supervise in combat helping. While they do either of that they also must be wary of anything such as the hostiles location helping the battalion member leading with any information they may not yet know.


What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session?

The 3 duties are –

Successfully lead a base attack

Perform a Mandatory training

Complete a debrief to a high enough level


What is the job of the Co-Leader during events? As Co-Leader, their role is to grant/deny requests from regiments and keep tabs on what is happening in the event and relay the information back to whoever is leading to give them a better idea of what is happening which will result in better orders. If the Leader crashes the Co-Leader will be there to takeover also.


Anything else: Thank you for reading.


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Seems like a cool guy. You have achieved the rank of EXO which shows your commitment. 74th is in a good state so even if you leave you won't effect it much really. However as Barry said you have applied really late but good luck anyways

-Past Ranks

-No one cares




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Stack is a really nice guy and he 100% deserves it and there are other good 74th who could take his place as EXO


Current Ranks
CT 8117

Past Ranks
a lot of things


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You have been accepted into Battalion, contact a member of Battalion Command for you introduction and mentor.


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