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My In-Game name:Rogger


Steam Name:DrPenile

What is the reason for your ban:Minging

How long were you banned for: 2 weeks

Name of the staff member who banned you: bobby or something like that

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:i just bought VIP to have a bit of fun then the cg report me for doing nothing just having fun with other players and then get banned for two weeks so i either want my money back or get unbanned 

Evidence: ask any of the players i talked to during my "minging" what i did and they would say that it was just a bit of fun

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Unfortunately  when you buy vip there is a very small chance you would get a refund especially when you have just been banned


Also your last ban appeal was denied i'm pretty sure a few hours ago so you will have to wait out the ban.

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yeah i understand my ban but 2 weeks and 5 days for giving people foreskin removal when someone i know got banned for 5 days for racism which i thinks a bit worse than foreskin removal 


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this kid is doing a karen



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who cares




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7 hours ago, ✪Kanser CS.MONEY said:


Just no You have been arrested a dozen times so I suggest you take the server seriously or never comeback 

hey im there

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Since I deal with many minges I can´t exactly remember what you did but the screenshots pretty much says it all. Come back when you are acually interested in the RP element of the game not to just minge around.

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-1 just know the rules next time

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