Revert the Generator Turret Limit

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What your suggestion is: Change the CE turret rule in GR, so they can use how many laser turrets they can instead of the current 3

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information: as an EP and former ce, I think this change is necessary for the fun that CE would be capable of having. When I was CE, most of it we could use about 6 turrets in gr with a good barricade and it was so fun. At this time we had no problem with EPs RPging barricades to stop the slaughter, and in some occasions ECs would run through and beat the defence.

from an EPs perspective, I think it is more of a challenge for ECs, with their powerful equipment it would add challenge to take the most IMPORTANT part of the base. Currently, 3 turrets is dog shite defence against usually 5 ECs pushing.

if ECs can beat this on their own, grenades can be given to destroy the barricade. A further step would be to just give a trusted EC an RPG or just RPGing it in noclip, which would be a last resort 

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+1 Bongo has already stated it above 

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+1 sometimes i feel like CE just defend GR for no reason as most of them die most of the time

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GR should be hard to take over and should be heavily defended.

With the lower count of turrets it seems like 3 droids can run in and take over GR

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Those were the Gold Times and 3 droid can easly takeover GR,


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Seeming as it is the most important part of the base, you would assume that it can be well defended.

With the limit of turrets, it means that every event the EP pushes GR, the EC's nearly always overtake it.

Adding back no limit allows CE to actually stand a fighting chance once again.

(From the perspective of Ex-CE, CE Supervisor and EP)

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CE will be allowed a max of 6 turrets to defend GR during events instead of the 3 currently allowed. 

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