Fix the font for people’s name in game

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What your suggestion is: Fix the font for people’s name in game

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Any additional information:The font used for people’s name in game has some letters which are then swapped for other letters for example anything with Vice in it becomes Rice. This is annoying in game because I can’t tell if people’s name are weird or it’s just the font.

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I do like being Rice Commander Aleks but i would like the font to be fixed if it does decress lag then sure keep it

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Also i want to make it clear that if you change your name to make the first letter non capital e.g. ct vice commander vic would show the name normal for others

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My names are fine, don't know why but yeah they are fine for me


However for people who's arent fine +1

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The current names are really inconvenient. From them being way too small and borderline unreadable sometimes to them only popping in when you are inches away from someone's face and calling people rice commander, they are a bit naff.

Them reducing lag is definitely a good thing but if possible, it would  be really nice if they changed them to something else whilst also preventing lag.

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Every CT gets confused when they see DK in my name and then I tell them it’s actually DU. +1

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Personally i'd say go back to the old HUD system completely as the new one is really bad in terms of peoples fonts and the fact that you have to look at a very specific angle to see their names and for 74th their HP so we know if they need healing


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terrible annoying font with wrong letters

when i was a 74th healing with it was trash

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