Buff Normal Infected Damage

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What your suggestion is: Buff the normal infected weapon they spawn with damage increased from around 20 to around 80-100

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: The current infected weapon they spawn with only does around 20 damage, so if you were to attack a CT 4 numbers it would take 15 hits just to kill a CT 4 numbers with no shield. I know that infected are not meant to be able to be able to 1v1 clones they are meant to use their numbers but its extremely hard to actually get a kill with it. It is nearly impossible to kill anyone CO+ who has regen shield because it takes 5 hits to remove someone's regen shield and they just have to run get it back. Because of this infected only really get kills when they get given zombie swep as it does like 400 damage . I think that it should be buffed to around 80-100 damage but not too high so it still takes some time kill people. 

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Zombie SWEP is too OP and monster abilities is dead. 

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Done it. Now deals 25 dmg if hitting shield, or 90 damage if hitting health.

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