Changing the starting Infected job SWEP

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What your suggestion is: Removing the monster abilities SWEP for the zombie SWEP but a nerfed version

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A already on the server just need monster abilities removing as it wont be used anymore

Any additional information: The monster abilities SWEP is awful to use an infected. When an infected event is started the EC are given the zombie SWEP that comes with the disease addon i believe. This SWEP is very easy to use and unlike the monster abilities one you can fairly easily hit the target you are going after. Now of course this would be too OP to give infected as a starting weapon, thus i suggest that we copy the zombie SWEP and create a new version of it that does not do the 400 damage roughly that it puts out per it but does around 75-100 damage a hit like the monster abilities.


Overall this change will make it easy for infected that don't get the OP SWEP to be able to put up a fight and actually hit their targets properly

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Im going to neutral this, purely for the reason that should the other suggestion (Increase the Damage on the current one) get accepted, this wont be needed.

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Zombie swep is designed to be more op which is why its only given by EH. Monster swep has been buffed.

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