unban appeal

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Steam id: STEAM_0:0:100399182

My In game name:  Dont know

Steam Name: Saltrex

What is the reason for your ban:  It doesn't say

How long were you banned for:  Permanent

Name of the staff member who banned you:  It doesn't say.

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:  its almost been a year from my ban i was banned in july 29th at  02:02:14Pm honestly i can remember why i was banned, it was probably because of some fail Rp or not listening to staff and Rp higher ups. i would like to be unbanned for  i have not played SCP in a while a just on dark Rp for a long time and had no issues atall and just got board of it generally. I hope you can consider unbanning me.


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Verdict is as such due to the lack of reasoning behind your ban. You must have done something that was enough for a perm ban. If you tell us what that was then great or at least attempt to remember to the best of your ability.

Ban has lasted nearly a year however, so I'll give you that, should you acknowledge what you may of done was wrong and you are sorry for the action.

Given you find out the reason, I do hope to see you unbanned should the reason not be too harsh.

Best of luck! - Viktor Svetsken

Viktor Svetsken

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