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SCP-RP May Update, GOI/Major roleplay improvements/Content & Additional Fixes

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(This thread will be added too over the following 24 hours with more changes, we only out lining the large changes not a full change log list yet.)


SCP Roleplay May Update, GOI/Major roleplay improvements/Content & Additional Fixes



This update is mainly focused on overhauling the surface, but Foundation will also get some updates too. These changes include:

Three new GOIs: 

  • Sarkic Cults - Mors Deus - A new incarnation of the popular Sarkic Cults GOI lead by Joshy Freeman.
  • Church of the Broken God - A familiar GOI for long term players revamped with lots of new features, lead by Joseph Stalin.
  • The Chicago Spirit - A Mafia styled GOI that will replace MC&D. It specialises in selling Drugs, Anomalous Entities and Weapons. Will be led by Fors and Roger Carter.
  • Added to this, both CotBG and Chicago Spirit will have a Job for players to experience without needing a whitelist.
  • More Surface Jobs.
  • To further build on the previous PD updates, we have decided to liven up the surface even more with the addition of 3 new

Specialised jobs:

  • Drug Dealer will make use of the new Drug addon being added alongside Chicago Spirit and will give the Police more criminals to fight.
  • Casino Owner will make use of a new slot machine addon and will give players more chances to make money.
  • A new MTF Squad
  • Beta-7 Maz-Hatters will be added as a replacement for both the Hazmat and Containment Specialist jobs. This MTF will be a non Donator job and will be specialised in containing biological, chemical, or radiological threats.
  • Added to this, Researcher jobs will receive a Hazmat player model for RP interaction purposes.
  • Additional changes are as followed:
  • MTF Squads will be receiving more weapon variety
  • Glass Gate will be re-instated as a valid checkpoint 
  • Chaos Insurgency Spy will become Whitelisted, Chaos Insurgency Operative will become un-whitelisted
  • Rules will receive an update
  • Unusual Incidents Unit, Atlas and MC&D are being removed.
  • Amnestics will be added

Addtional Changes:

  • We made a large number of fixes to the servers stability and performance (lua errors, FPS ect).
  • Updated the server-side version to latest version for Garry's Mod.


We hope you enjoy the update as this will bring alot of open ended issues present on our server for 2020 to a final conclusion. We aim to continue to tweak the above changes as we no doubt expect a few adjustments may still be needed. Please post your feedback on the Discord discussion area for the update, thank you.



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