Unban request.

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Server you got banned from: werwolfgaming scp server.

Your name in-game: Can't recall it exactly but I think it was "Vigo Brovic" 

Your SteamID:

Admins' name that banned you: Can't recall. (Maurice D Bigs, updated info)

Admin's steamID: Can't recall

Why did you get banned?: I can't remember why I got banned. (MRDM, updated unfo)


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: It's been so long that I can't remember my actions. Though whatever it was I'm sorry for and just hope to get back on the server where I can have some fun like the old days. 

Anything else?: I can't fill in much of the needed information since I myself don't own any proof of some nature. I hope you lot will give me another try because it was a fun server to be on. One of the few left on the game. I remember even buying some stuff for in game. I wouldn't do that if I don't like the server but with the scp one I did, because I liked it so. So again I apologize and can only hope for you to be fair to me.


Kind regards,



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4 minutes ago, Oswald Bruner said:

Hey Slavman, you were banned on August 7th for bypassing a ban. image.png.7c3c68b571a992c9c3b1a2259a9450e4.png

And what does that mean for me since it's been months? I can say I won't do stuff like that ever again. I really hope you can grant me a pardon.

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