Charles Pilot

Unban Request

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Server you got banned from: Werewolfgaming SCP RP.

In-game name: Charles Pilot (PSHUD 4444).

SteamID: Cant find it sorry.

The admins' name that banned you: Harland Kearney

Admins' SteamID: Unknown

Why did you get banned: Pac3 Abuse

Evidence(Un-necessary): The message saying so.

Why did you deserve to get unbanned: So there's  this bug where when I'm wearing something on pac3 and I load something else up, it keeps the previous pac3. My goal was to experiment with trying to make new crouch animation but now I realise it may or may not be allowed. Now what was quite unacceptable  was that I moved to a dark place to continue it which I should've just stopped. Also about the bug, I loaded up another Pac but in their point of view, it looked as though I was running like a right side up ducked person (Like an idiot). I now know what not to do and it was quite unacceptable to just runaway and do it again (I went there because I thought somebody reported me for doing weird Pac3 stuffs in public) and I assure you that I will be much more careful with pac and try not to experiment too much. I am solemnly sorry for what I did to get banned. 

Anything else?: I just hope I get unbanned because this my favourite server and I've donated to it and I don't wanna miss out on the amazing gameplay the Werwolfgaming SCP RP gives and I really hope to get back into the great server :). I understand if this doesn't get accepted but its fine. I hope you well and Ill end this message by saying: Great job. (Ithink ive turned this Unban request into a server review, oops :D)


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