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What your suggestion is:  Bring back the old A-280 or Remove the new one and buff the DC -17s Pistols 

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information:  Reason as too why I think this should be added is because asked the other ARC's about and they agree that the new A-280 is dog.

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If ARCs believe their weapon is underpowered then they should get an upgrade/buff. After all, they are elite units and have worked hard to get where they are.

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ARC weapons in general is very underpowered, the A-280 is supposted to be a long rage alternative, but it's an inaccurate low damage rifle. Including the fire rate.

Duel dc17 commando pistols needs a massive buff damage wise, you can even improve the accuracy overall. Most of the time i'm playing the server as an ARC i still feel like an SO with crap weapons and a grapple hook

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All of the ARCs' feedback on the A-280 is basically the same: unreliable, low damage, inaccurate and slow-firing. It makes sense for the weapon you get for being an ARC to be reliable in combat and a buff to its accuracy/damage would achieve that.

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All the ARC's agree it's a shit weapon 

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From listening to a few ARC members and testing the gun myself in the EC room, it's very unreliable to use and is in need of a buff, or even swapping the gun out for DC-17M like they used to have and buffing this weapon instead (Accuracy + Damage). ARC's from when i remember when they had the DC-17M made them look very appealing for the weapon you get for obtaining ARC along with the Grapple hook + 1 Reg equipment. ARC's are for people who want to put in the hard work to obtain that equipment, and for people who want to join RC (or both).

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As with all Clone weapons, spread has been decreased. This should mean both your bolts hit so damage should feel better now.

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