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My In-Game name: Little John

STEAMID: 76561198880525769

Steam Name: KingIrrision

What is the reason for your ban: Exploits and Lying

How long were you banned for: Perma

Name of the staff member who banned you: I don't remember

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Almost a year ago, I used aimbot during an arc tryout and lied for a long time to my friends and staff of the server declaring I never had it; I kept up this ridiculous act for a long time before actually telling the truth and this dug my hole deeper and deeper. I regret everything I did and in truth apologised to everyone I could for lying to them, not for better chances to join the server, but to get a weight off my chest as they were truly my friends and some still are; Here I would like to apologise to everyone else, for lying to you and ruining the arc trials. It was highly immature and I understand everyone's frustration towards me and my actions. Before my ban, I had been playing for almost a year or two, and made it to the ranks of LT in CT, LT COL and even T EXO in DU, with no warnings or bans throughout my time playing, in addition to that I donated to the server, showing my dedication towards it. The mistake I made on this sever and towards the community will always stay with me, but I am asking to get unbanned for a second chance at the server, as I would like to prove I'm still competent and my mistake was only a one-time occurrence that will not happen again. I can't emphasize enough the regret I feel for using exploits against others, and I can't put it into words how apologetic I am to those that were a victim of my exploits. 

Evidence: I don't have any.

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It has been nearly a year now and you have come to the realisation of what you did and dropped the lies.
You were obviously younger and I can tell you have matured a lot since then.
Good Luck with your app!

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Shouldn't have cheated, shouldn't have lied about not cheating as well. Although you have made a few un-ban requests now so if it does go through as accepted it should be on a one strike basis.

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What Ron said pretty much. If you were accepted back, it would have to be on a one strike basis. Either way, good luck with your app.

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Personally ive never met the guy, but hes tried many times to be unbanned so you know that he actually wants the chance to do so

I believe he should get a second chance to come back

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+1 on a one strike basis
also lets not hopefully see you spinbot and fly out of the cadet room if you join back

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It has been over a year. In the last 2 unban requests, you have admitted to aimbotting and that shows maturity. However, you haven't been fully let off the hook. When you join the server back, you will be on a 1 warn basis. Meaning if you get warned, your permanent ban will be reinstated.

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