Camerons unban appeal

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Before we start this was granted by Lewis as Cameron is still forum banned

<22:08:35> "Lewis" pokes you: ye thats fine, just make sure its obvious that it is for Cameron

The following message is from cameron:

My In-Game name: 104th PVT Cameron

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com)

Steam Name: Boobs 

What is the reason for your ban: Demotion abuse

How long were you banned for: 2 weeks

Name of the staff member who banned you: Lewis

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:

Recently on star wars RP the /demote command was broken allowing ordinary people of the star wars roleplay community to demote anyone on the sever that they like. This was discovered by other members of the sever and i wished to test this out. Super admin Jendo stated in /OOC that the next person to do it would cecum to a warn however at the same time Lewis stated in admin chat that it would be a two week ban. As a plat vip member of this community i am not aware of this knowledge and others have been warned prior to my ban so i assumed it would be a warn. I personally feel the ban is completely unjustified as the punishment was stated OOC as a warn and a warn only. I believe it is totally unexcepted to issue a two week ban with any prior knowledge of this ban i understand the warning and i fully accept the warning as that what it is. A warning this will allow me to reflect upon my actions however a TWO WEEK ban is completely overkill a player can Mass RDM the sever and only end up with a 6 day ban so I fail to understand how a harmless joke is anything more than a 1 day ban

Evidence: https://gyazo.com/3c18033646c0ae8c665c8f7ebc1c11e4

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+1 He's a plat vip that cant see admin chat and their is no rule on /demote abuse cause it was a newly discovered thing therefore jendo put in chat saying next person to do it will receive a warn so Cameron/Chebs/Camaz/Cutie/boobs/fart eater should not get banned 

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First of all, it doesn't help that you have come off being permanently banned, told the unban was accident and then told it was your final chance. 
When the incident happened, another user had been using the command and you are correct saying that Jendo said that they will be warned and I said in admin chat that they will be banned. You failed to explain that I joined your TeamSpeak channel straight after putting this and I heard 2 staff members talking about it. Furthermore, 1 of the staff members started to talk to me about the message. Because of this, it is obvious that you knew about the punishment before you even started righting the command.

The final point is that you didn't just /demote 1 person, you did it to 3 different people in 5 different incidences. Them people were Loaf, Zab and Sandy. Loaf was the Event Planner who was hosting the event and you stopped him from doing his EP duty for 2 minutes. Zab was Staff of Duty and you restricted him from doing his staff duty and Sandy who was the leading battalion. Because of your actions, you stalled the event completely for a couple of minutes.
To be honest with you, you are lucky that the ban wasn't longer.20210825221018_1.jpg.a853ffaec615d0f011a64caad268164c.jpg

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26 minutes ago, Lewis said:

Sandy who was the leading battalion. 

U cant demote other ranks only SOD and Event host so he did 2 maybe take a week of bud. But then again he is a retard for doing it. 


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I have not ever played the server and I'm not 100% sure of everything that happens, so take this with a pinch of salt.


I think the ban length is unjustified but the ban itself has reason to be justified. For a start, in this appeal you stated intent. You intentionally tried to demote someone using the "/demote" command whilst knowing staff had told you not to do so, and were expecting a warning for doing it. You intentionally broke a rule that the staff had set in place, just with the thought of a different punishment in mind.

Secondly, Lewis stated you had recently came from a permanent ban. This shows prior history of breaking rules, meaning that in general, when you break a rule, you are expected to receive harsher punishment as you have, in the past, broken other rules, to an extent even of getting permanently banned which requires a fair amount of rule breaking to be done, usually.

Thirdly, you're a Platinum VIP showing that you have knowledge of the server and its rules. Someone who has paid money towards the server is expected more of as they are aware of the forums, should have read the rules and have money on the line, so should be taking things more seriously than a normal user. Whilst demotion abuse may not be directly in the rules, as a Platinum VIP you should know that:

 a) When a staff tells you not to do something, don't do it, even if you're just wanting to get a warning.

 b) Using common sense is critical.


When you put these three things (intention, prior history and knowledge of the rules) together, I personally see a reason for a ban, especially as you did these demotions over a period of 10 minutes on the server where everyone else was also being told not to do it. Anyone with common sense can see that this is not in compliance with what is expected from you. However, I don't think a 2 week long ban is justified for this, as that is rather long in the scale of the punishment history of WG. You stated something about the MassRDM ban time which I think is irrelevant here however due to your prior history. I personally think the ban should be 2-3 days long, perhaps a little longer. Something to give you a time out from the server, but not really a huge punishment, as your actions didn't have too much of an impact on the server, but you should most certainly learn from them and avoid intentionally breaking rules again in the future no matter the consequences.

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The staff present in the channel with you were talking about Lewis saying it would lead to a ban and you chose to do it again anyway.

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