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What your suggestion is:
Give 21st a dropship to SO/colonel+ expecially in anexis where we basically every event do a flank on AUX unless our commander is on that flank is pain to do or we rely on other regiments since we are a flanking regiment i think that giving us a vehicle of that type would be perfectly fine and make sence since its also required on other maps and would just make it a lot easier

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Not even 501st gets it at SO, only SO ARCs get it, if anything give it to 21st SO ARCs and 21st EXO+, although im not really on board with 21st getting it


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If 21st get it to flank AUX. Give it to 41st. Which basically means no.

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This was denied so many times its not happening because you already have the grapple hook which is good enough and not even 501st so + have it if 21st get it why not 41st why not everyone

Fyi when i say denied i mean this same suggestion was denied by SMT & HC about 5+ times when i was in GM/21st

Also did you even talk to hierarchy about changing their regiments equiment before suggesting this?

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Aleks has pretty much summed it up.


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Been Denied before, 21st Still dont need it and why would 21st SO get it in the first place if no over regiments dont get it at SO?

you also have  a grapple hook to assist in your flanks.



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21st already mad a suggestion and got denied multiple times 
We already got 3 pieces of equipment so a dropship would be unfair
if 21st were to get a dropship might as well give it to every regiment 
We already do fine without a dropship anyway, there are plenty of people who can provide dropship support if we really can't get there by grapplehook quick enough 

The only chance we would have getting a dropship is if we lose our grapplehooks, and i don't think that would be a good trade off

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-1 everyone else has said what is true 
Plus this has been Requested before and denied


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Would be nice for the regiment and would definitely help us but wouldn't make sense from a balancing point of view and would likely result in us losing our Grappling Hooks.

Also if we were to get dropships, it would likely go to only hierarchy or at the very most, ARC SOs as this is the case in other regiments.

Finally, you need hierarchy's permission to suggest regimental changes like this. Cut Narco some slack because he's only just returned to the server and may not be aware of the rule but yeah, this will almost definitely get denied due to a lack of hierarchy permission in the first place.

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The same reason as before, you don't need a dropship as you have a grapple hook to flank. As a little extra, make sure to talk to Regimental Hierarchy before making a regiment suggestion.

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