Nandor's unban request

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Server you got banned from:SCPRP

Your name in-game:Nandor

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:39178437

Admins' name that banned you:I do not know

Admin's steamID:n/a

Why did you get banned?:Killling too many class d


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:I was drunk and lagging. I do no believe i did wrong. This is a fucking disgrace to the server. I have played for a long time and done good to it, more good than bad. I have set security in shape. As A security HOS or lt main, i take more shit than anyone for the acts of others, because security is where new players go once past class d. It is completely unfair, the treatment i have had. I have streamlined the next generation of players on this server to higher ranks by giving out discipline.  To recieve a permanban for it is disgraceful. I've been with Werwolf for about 7 years. No wonder your darkrp server shut down with staff giving out permabans left and right. 

Anything else?:Give your case and evidence for why i should be unbanned. Give it here. I do not deserve this treatment. I do not deserve it as a senior officer. To do my job and get perma'd for it is disgraceful. 


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What the fuck are you talking about? You killed the HoS, a combat medic, a cuffed D-Class and 2 more innocent D-Class in the airlock. Also you changed your story multiple times and disrespected staff and players several times in the sit. Adding that up to your previous RDM warns, the ban was clearly valid.

This has to be a joke.

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Oh my god, Mr Nandor. We are so incredibly sorry that we have permanently banned you, and I personally believe that you should be unbanned solely due to your most significant stature, and that if you're gone, who the hell will streamline the NEXT generation!?

Once again I offer my utmost apology to you and your feelings, due to the fact that they have been so damaged due to this abhorrent decision made by one of our staff members. I hope that you will get the counselling that you need to help you through this trying time.

SCP-RP Positions

Sarkic Owner
24/02/2021 - 25/07/2021

20/02/2021 -> 22/03/2021

Senior Moderator
22/03/2021 -> 17/04/2021

17/04/2021 -> 01/05/2021

Lead Group Manager
1/05/2021 -> 26/10/2021

Senior Administrator
1/05/2021 -> 12/06/2021

Executive Administator
12/06/2021 -> 26/10/2021

MC&D Salesman

Site Director


Head of Manufacturing Department

Head of External Affairs

Unusual Incidents Unit Agent

Internal Security Department

Sarkic Thrall V5

Sarkic Karcist/Owner V6

MTF ZETA-0 Agent

Head of External Affairs V5

O5-3 like 3 years ago for 30 mins but i was demoted for erp with the HoEA 😞

other jobs i forgot 😞 i hope you enjoyed my signature


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I was the staff member that gave the ban, it was obvious in the video that myself and Cal reviewed you gave no countdown and simply shot to kill 3 Class-D in the airlock, furthermore you said in the video "he shot the LT, he deserved it" this suggests you intentionally killed someone else who in the logs could have been the HoS or the Combat Medic.

Being drunk is not an excuse, perhaps when you sober up tomorrow maybe review your actions and decide then.

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2 minutes ago, Oswald Bruner said:
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Taken completely out of context. I missed the HoS and whoever medic was but i would have assumed everyone gave a fair worning to you lot to get out of airlock in advanced. I should have warned but foolishled assumed others did before as they should have. As you can see that moron was in the way. I was moving along but shot him on accident and the recorder was too far away and a lot of this was recorded without visual contact to the incident so context is not fair to me. 


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7 minutes ago, Oswald Bruner said:
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You have a long history of RDM and a myriad of other rulebreaks, and 6 total bans.

What does this have to do with anything? my history? that is all done with. I did my time. 50000 minutes i waited to get unbanned. I did my time. I wouldn't have waited so eagerly if i didn't think i was a worthy contributer. I am a senior officer in the harshest group on this server. I make the mistakes and i pay for it. I teach and discipline those who recently join because their only choice to get up in this server is through the security ranks. I am a vital part of this server. 

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Whatever the fuck the problem is. A permanban is extreme and unfair. Unban me or lower the ban length at least. I have a lot to offer and this ban length is unfair and the evidence is biased. 

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im off my fucking head on diazepam and whatever else. Even i can make more sense than you nutters. What the fuck logic are you making right now? its all bullshit. you've got no evidence. No evidence. Show me some. All you've shown me is an accidental shooting because someone was standing right against the real target. 

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fuck you all seriously. The only decent person who ever came on here are security and this is how you treat them. out of context non evidence. disgraceful. hope this shit hole goes the same way your crappy darkrp server went, because omni gaming was a million times better.

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I'm just not going to entertain this post anymore. You keep saying we have no evidence. The video is clear proof. You didn't miss the HoS or CM as theirs deaths were listed in the logs.

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4 minutes ago, Richard Kruspe said:

I'm just not going to entertain this post anymore. You keep saying we have no evidence. The video is clear proof. You didn't miss the HoS or CM as theirs deaths were listed in the logs.

Are you a fucking vegetable or what? you can see in the video the hos was close to the target. i missed the target and hit him on accident. 

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