Andrew Russel's Unban Request ( 1 hour ban )

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Your name in-game: Andrew Russels

Your SteamID: [U:1:375791895]

Admins' name that banned you: Cal Reece & Maurice D Briggs.

Admin's steamID: N/A ( Unable to find his/her steam profile )

Why did you get banned?: Is the price of truth the cost of the soul? My every ounce of being, soul and character being impersonated for the pleasure of one sadist, an entire soul and being taken over by the chains of the pupeteer? Words of the mind made from the mind of another until the soul of the self cannot distinguish from the words of the sadistic soul of another? Is my very being to be questioned by the mind of the self, only for the truth to be rejected by the community of those who call themselves the truthful? In the eyes of the community, truth of reality is the deceit of abnormality, while the deceit of abnormality is their normal? Is the normal abnormal? Is the body of mine detached from the mind of mine, are my carnal senses those to convey the deepest and darkest deceits of the inner soul, of the inner mind? Are they simply the puppets of the soul? Woe be! Woe be! I lie detached in this void, in this void of the abyss, of the abyss where only the pleasures of truth lie, and with these pleasures of truth lie, the chains of the deceitful, the chains of those deaf, dumb and blind to the truth that be so visibly present to them. They will impersonate me, they will, but they will not never think of the consequences of deceit that fall unto them.


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I was banned for saying repeatedly " I was impersonated " when the admins finally found out that I WAS ACTUALLY BEING IMPERSONATED by a certain Houston with his abuse of the ??? job

Anything else?: Is the truth of reality to be rejected as the deceit of abnormality?

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you were banned because you showed on signs of calming down a normal level and threatening to bomb the Staff Room.

You were given the ban so you could just .............. do something else to get calm .............. not to keep going in discord and forums.


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