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In-game name: John Lee Goodman

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:228781125

Age: 17

In-Game Time: 1week 3 days  image.png.3f8fa18b22796837dcfee29a8c3b360b.png 

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: I was SD a lot back when it wasn't locked behind applications, did a good amount of HOS back in the day as well.


Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:

I feel that i can do a good job and keep the site nice and orderly, get stuff done, make sure everyone can have their fun rp time. On top of this ive had a lot of experience being a SD back before it was applications only so I understand what is needed of me if i want to keep this job.


What role does the Site Director have on the site?

He is to lead everyone on the site, to make sure law and order is given and to oversee everything and everyone. He is to make sure that everyone does their job and replace those who are doing terribly if needed, the SD will hand out punishments to rule breakers and hand out demotes if needed as well, making sure research is going well and that people don't do stupid stuff.


What is the O5 Council?:

The overseers of the foundation, a group of 13, the only ones who can overrule and of the SD decisions, little to no people should know who these people are in the foundation, and they are to make sure the SD and the others in the site administration do their jobs. Along with that, each O5 will be set to oversee different parts of the foundation, if thats overseeing the MTFs, Researchers etc. The group also make the big decisions in the foundation.(edited)


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added bit more detail as advised
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Now i remember you, like six months ago or so, you were a reliable and good SA, you are sufficent enough for the SD Position nowadays.

but, you are lacking alot of detail in your app, you have the bare minimum, which is good enough on it's own but, more detail, it is needed if you're gonna want to pass, trust me.

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I'm gonna have to minus this one. Reasons will be stated below.

- Too less words used to describe and answer to the questions.
- Today I had to tell you of while you were SA and I was SD. 


فيها حاجة حلوة حاجة حلوة بينا حاجة كل مادى تزيد زياده فيها إنة

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