Josh Richardson

Hello yes 3day invalid ban plz remove( Unwarn Request)

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Server you got banned from: self explanatory isnt it?
Your-in game name: Josh Richardson
Your SteamID:76561198343507084
Admins name: William connors(RIP)
Why Did you get warned: Rdm/Ltap 
Why do you deserve to be unwarned the situation has been resolved and i have been unbanned by maurice on the same day

Proof 😄ad.JPG.53ae2b1711c8ac605b3fece157f29cb2.JPGI use light mode get over it

The situation: I was trying to hit an MD that was running away from arrest and my full mag dump went into the class d he was running in the same hallway with the ( maybe even the researcher got hit i am not good at checking fire)
as the chase turned into an apology to the researcher for killing his class d
i was brought by William connors who then in term tried to gather info from the situation as i was trying to explain myself i crashed, as the combat logs gave the situation the MD Didnt take any bullet so it looked like i killed the class d on purpose. Although ive been unbanned on the 30/07 the warn is still haunting me today : / 



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