Ban Reduction appeal

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My In-Game name: Cal


Steam Name: meza_boon

What is the reason for your ban:NH2RP

How long were you banned for:1 month

Name of the staff member who banned you: banana man

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: shouldn't been unbanned, I guess the ban is fair but feel it is too harsh, 1 week ban would be more appropriate I feel

Evidence: If I'm honest, at first I came on this server to minge and troll a bit to amuse myself but I have become fond of this server and continue to play it in my free time, socializing with players and making some new friends. although I am a minge sometimes I have started to get better and was actually considering pursuing a regiment fully this time without breaking rules or screwing around as the RP side of the server is entertaining and addicting. I believe a one week ban is fair as a month ban is longer than I have played on this server. I've had lots of 
laughs on this server and I'm 100% willing to start fresh and play RP properly. So please reduce my ban at least as I'm sure some others would agree it is too harsh/undeserved.

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Everytime I have seen you on the server you only are on to minge and have the inability to stay in a regiment for more than a few days.
If I was you I would take the month ban and if you really want to play the server wait it out and join back and maybe actually consider playing the server properly 

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Mingy whenever you were on but you seemed to calm down with that before your ban. However joining a regiment really doesnt fully show that youre not a minge. Id recommend taking the full length ban and taking the time to understand the basic rules really. 

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If you truly wish to play the server, then you can wait out the ban and change our opinions. You haven't proven yourself in game to warrent the unban / ban reduction.





Credit to Loki for this.



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