Wookie Nerf

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What your suggestion is: Nerf Wookies

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: An easy way to nerf the wookies is to remove the ability for them to buy shields/regen shields. IC it does not even make sense they are not wearing any armour at all. Will make them a lot less tanky and hopefully now they will not be able to go 70 kills with 1 death in future events. 

This can be done by removing the option of them to buy shields from the vendor, or if you are unable to do that just enforce it as a rule and have staff punish any wookie who buys shields.

P.S. Do they really need a GH?

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+1 wookie is op making it a rule to be enforced is easy simple any one with them gets verbal warning and it happens gain just warn them.Also ya if you do think about it shield doesnt make sense for wookies.

The GH is not really needed they have a jump boost anyway


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Imo remove regens from them but not GH, if you pay for a job It may aswell be fun


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gh removal is too much, people pay actual money for the chieftain role. the shield rule would be a good addition

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I agree with the comments above, regen shield allows the wookies to rush in combat for a while and not lose any hp, rush out and wait for regen and repeat. And due to them having decent amount of hp it doesn't matter if their regen gets destroyed, they still won't die unless they stay in the combat for a while. And I believe the GH doesn't make them too strong so removing it sounds a bit unnecessary.

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A few adjustments will be made when Spades is available.

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