Shaybandis Khan

Shaybandis 1st EP App.

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: Shaybandis Khan +

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan / Jedi Padawan Ngannou): CT Major Shaybandis

Teamspeak Name: Shay

Playtime on the Server: 1 Month 7 hours. 11 minutes

SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:424488173

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: N/A

Current Age: 20

Warns/Bans: N/A

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes, and it is understandable.

Event Plan:

Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):

Map: Rishimoon or Anaxes

Enemies, HP, Amount:
(refugee) Alien Species, Base, 4*

(refugee) Alien Heavy Gunner, Base, 3*

(refugee) Alien Sniper, Base, 0 - 2 ( Based on how many 41st )
(Based on total number of players on)*

Youngling, 50k, 1

Sith Warrior, 75k-150k*, 1

(Based on Jedi)*

Passive, HP, Amount:

Republic's Execution:


Refugee come to the republic base wanting medical aid, Batt will grant them to enter to seek medical aid. Leading Batt will then order CG (or any Reg) to follow them (Batt will follow too) and show them to Med Bay. Medics will then do some RP healing. Once they got healed CG and Batt will start escorting them out of the base. When they make it to the gate the refugees will become hostile. Batt will order all units to Defcon 3. Then battle commences they will attack from different places making Batt to use each regiment strategically to gain the upper hand on the enemy. Winning the battle. After winning debrief.


The Jedi sense a disturbance in the force when they go outside of JT at the landing pads there is a youngling. The jedi will exchange some words on why is outside of JT. After exchanging some words 2 sith warrior will show. The jedi will began exchanging words with the sith asking why they are here. It is up to the Sith what will happen if they decide fighting is the answer.

Event Character Execution:


The refugees will be outside of the base asking the republic for medical aid. After exchanging words they will make there way into the base and make their way to the med bay to get healed. Once they are healed and taken care of they will make there way to the gate. When they reach the gate the refugees will reveal there weapons and start shooting the clones. They will try to push them back, attacking from different fronts. After taking too many losses they will start to be pushed out. Once they are fully pushed out they will fight till their last breath.



The youngling will go to JT once there he will wait until a jedi comes up to him asking why he is outside of JT. He will say that he is fighting a internal battle within himself. He will exchange words with the jedi. After a bit a sith will arrive trying to persuade the youngling the power of the dark side. The sith will exchange words with the jedi. From there on it is up to the youngling which side he will pick. He will decide what side he will pick. Scenario 1:  The sith will attack the jedi trying to get to the youngling. Scenario 2: The Youngling sides with the sith, the sith will protect the youngling and try to escape after fighting the jedi.


Event Information:

All the war in the galaxy many innocent civilians have lost their homes and family. As a act of retaliation they blame the clones because of all the war that came to their homes. They will persuade the clones and surprise attack them. They will get inside the base and unleash their fire power they will try there hardest but the republic is just too good even when they kill a couple of the clones they are still outmatched. After the refugees getting beat up the only out is fighting till the last breath.


A young jedi is fighting a internal battle wonder what he should do. Stay with jedi embrace the light or give into the darkness and join the sith. After clearing his mind and realizing what he will do what will be best for him.

Have you ever D-one an Event Before?: N/A

What was your event and was it successfully executed?: N/A

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?: Yes, I understand the responsibilities of a event-planner. Event-planners are to bring fun and enjoyable events to the sever. Making events fun for RP jobs and for EC as well, coming up with new ideas to keep new players coming back for more helping grow the numbers on the sever. Be open minded on the feedback, there is always room for improvement. Once in a while if staff in not on event-planners can help them out. 

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: Yes, I understand that I have to go through a training phase to be trusted to create and host events.

Anything else?: W-G E-Planner

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Shay is very chill dude

Been CT Exo 

Will be a good EP

Current Rank:


Past Clone Wars / IRP Ranks In / Out Character:

CT ARC Colonel / Temp EXO | 41st ARC Colonel / Temp EXO | Battalion 1st Lieutenant/Major | CG ARC Colonel / Temp Vice Commander 442nd Major IE Commander DT SGT Event Planner 

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Ex-CT EXO Showing Dedication and Patience
Very Chill and Nice Person
Cool Event Plan

Current Ranks
-= Jedi Umbra - Spearman =-

Past Ranks
-= Event Planner - Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Force Master104th Executive Officer -  74th T SMO =- 
Senior Medic - 501st Captain DU 2nd LT - CT DCPL =- 

Animated GIF

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-Trustable, been on the server for some time with good ranks
-Nice event plan, the Jedi event is a bit funny if you use the youngling model, but both sides make a Lot of sense.

Current Ranks

DS Commando F75 
CWRP Vice Manager

Past Ranks

Flight Show Extraordinaire
CE ARC Colonel
Jedi Ace
104th Temp Executive Officer
CT Temp Vice Commander


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Shaybandis is a cool guys and has good past ranks and is a solid member of the community!


Current Ranks:
RC Auxiliary Security Staff Honour Guard

 Previous Ranks: 
RC Commander F71 CWRP Staff Manager Plo Koon

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We are denying all Event Planner applications due to having a large backlog

Feel free to reapply in 1 week once the apps re-open due to the circumstances


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