Simon Millers 2 day Unban Request

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Server you got banned from: SCP-RP Werewolf

Your name in-game: Simon Miller(s)

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:187895947

Admins' name that banned you: Jason Haze

Admin's steamID: ( I couldnt get this )

Why did you get banned?: ARDM x1, General Mingery, Attempted to kill 049 with sulfuric acid


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I was banned for 2 days because of ARDM, first of all, I didnt even kill anybody in the entire 1 hour I was on the server, secondly, general mingery, hmmmm, I guess that is plausible, but "attempting" to kill 049 with acid is so stupid, I was doing a general test when 049 ( obviously has a grudge ) reports me for trying to get him to drink something, I was banned because I supposedly "knew" sulfuric acid would kill 049, I didnt realise this until an admin drunk it and they died, so its obviously biased, 049 genuinely just doesnt like researchrp and loves getting interviewed with stupid questions like "h-hi doctor!! u want funni clas  d test soobject so u can make zombos???" I genuinely am one of the greatests RPers on this server I do not understand this 2 day ban, its obviously some sort of sick joke that you all pull on me but its genuinely one of the worst punishments, I dont even hate Jason Haze or am against him at all, hes a cool guy but I hate that dumbass DAVE ADDE guy and 049, first of all DAVE ADDE is a stupid all Field Agent with his cat ears pack ( I disbaled pac so i DONT SEE HIS SHITTY ABOMINATIONS AGAIN ) who patrols HCZ and LCZ because hes a shitty FA and he gets captured and comms stripped and he and his merry men have the audacity to call me "lol trash ci who plays alot", get a grip he says to me, how about you stop gripping your dick? hm? I love this server but some of the people on here genuinely make me question about if God should have renewed the covenant with humanity after Noah's flood, this world should genuinely be flooded again so we get rid of people like this, I hate the people who make stupid reports, the admins are all cool people but that dumbas 049 and dave adde love to make fake reports to get me perman banned, i know it seems like im going on some stupid long rat and your all going to say "wtff ur crazy lol" but its genuinely so stupid how stupid some of you are, im repeating the word stupid. simon miller uses repetition of the word "stupid" to emphasise how absurd the situation is. this is evident in the quotation or quotations reffering to the word stupid. the word stupid has connotations of absurdity, stupidity and genuine mingery. this explains and emphasises how simon miller believes how absurfd this situation is. also, i really want to tell the admins on the discord to please warn those who are disrespcting my religion on discord, i had an encounter with one of these bigots in #general, I do not repeat what they said because God almighty is watching. i hope you all sincerely accept my apology with kind regards and a warm heart, I can wait 2 days but its not about the time, its upon the principles that this very server was found upon. thank you.

Anything else?: it was a 2 day ban sure but i dont even hate the admins,theyre genuinely cool guys but i hate dave adde hes such a bad FA, he cant even go on surface cuz hes bad and he sits at LCZ and commands everyone ( even the hos ) acting like hes some tough guy because hes in a suit, and he tells me to get a grip, also dave adde, ur pac is shit and ur cat ears are shit and green suits are shit u weirdo, go to surface or stop playing fa, you have the audacity to call me a bad CI 

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Hello, its me, Jason Haze, the admin which banned you.

From the time myself and other staff members were on we had recieved mutilple reports of you being mingy and annoying. This included spamming OOC with information and everyone wanted you to stop. When we receieved the report of you trying to get 049 to drink something, I asked you directly if it was a harmful drink, you replied with "apple juice". If you really want people to stop disliking you and get respect within the community, you need to calm down, and i mean alot. You constantly boast about your actions and degrade others (such as MR Adde) with things that dont really concern you and you minge way too much. You seem to be full of energy and you use it all on this server, sometimes in a negative way. Please take it from me, understand why many people of the community dislike your actions, and learn how to imporve yourself and stop talking about everyone in a negative way, such as saying god needs to flood this earth again to kill people like them, so they can learn to start respecting you again. It may take time, but its the only way. Try to do actual RP instead of trying to feed an scp sulfuric acid for whatever "RP reason". Be thoughtfull, be kind, be respectful, otherwise the next course of action probably taken by a staff member is a perma ban, and i dont want to see that happen. Good luck in the future my friend, listen to what others have to say about you and i hope to see you back after the ban reformed.

Please shut the fuck up, no one cares about your whitelists in a Gmod RP server

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I hope you don't come back. Biggest minge I have seen.

You should have been perma banned as you are clearly not here to roleplay.

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Yeah, so a bunch of people did report you and asked for you to be muted. Nook said you were being super mingey as he was the one that muted you. And you were told after being unmuted by Nook that if you continued mingery and such you'd be banned. 
I stayed in noclip and watched what you were up to and all I saw was you going into 049's cc and rubbing the drink in his face telling him to drink it. That's not in any way "RP" at all. After you got questioned by both myself and Jason Haze as to what was in the drink, you clearly said "apple juice". Then when I went on to check if that was the case, it turned out that it was sulfuric acid, which should be VERY OBVIOUS that sulfuric acid is deadly...you can't argue and say you "didn't know sulfuric acid can kill" when it's literally sulfuric acidimage.thumb.png.45af2e512c6ea0888ad863b297b3a351.png

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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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