Carlsson Lindberg

Unban request: Sorry...

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My In-Game name: Carlsson Lindberg


Steam Name: [U.F.N] jmac

What is the reason for your ban: rdm x2, lying to admin

How long were you banned for: 4 day (3 now)

Name of the staff member who banned you: I can't recall who but I'm sure they'll be able to notice who I am...

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I feel like it's something I deserve and I feel like though I can redeem myself for my actions I had made and I really enjoy the server and regret everything I did in the sit as well as what I did in the first place. I haven't had the time to say sorry but of course I have to in order to be forgiven for what I did which was immoral, against the rules and ruthless. 



am sorry for lying in the sit and I hope that you will accepted my apology and I wanted to say that I was being a bit over the top and frantic with my actions displayed and wanted to also apologize to the members that had to sit through the time that was wasted on me. I know that my actions were completely unacceptable. I truly want to spend every last minute on the server and enjoy my stay, I've made a mistake I regret already and wanna make sure we can discuss it and come to a happy ending and make sure this never happens again.

I'm honestly truly sorry for my mistakes that have led you to ban me and have your time wasted on me as well.

I hope I can come to a agreement and be unbanned or have my ban shortened

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5 hours ago, Jmac said:

Henry Johnstone, I had at the time bought plat as soon as I was on and then was in the sit and really wanna enjoy it and spend time on the server...


valdis romeo

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