wesker - 3rd HoEA Application

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In-Game Name: mainly Oswell Wesker nowadays but it varies a lot

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:31671762

In-Game Time (must be more than 5 days, proof required.): almost 7 weeks, please see the screenshot below.




Discord ID: Dababe Rodger#5709


Describe the different bureau's of the department of external affairs and explain what they do (go into as much detail as needed):

The Department consists of four primary divisions, also known as bureaus, where each of them is responsible for four specific functionalities that make up the DoEA as a whole. 


1. The first bureau is the Administrative & Operations Bureau. It could be said that this bureau is the backbone of the DoEA itself due to its core nature. This bureau is responsible, as per its name, for handling the general operations and administrative work within the department, which ranges all from assigning Field and Department Agents with tasks, giving out permitted orders to MTFs also assigned with handling external affairs, and communications between the department and other departments or members of Site Administration.

2. The Recruitment Bureau handles all matters related to the recruitment and enlistment of Sigma and Omega units, standard foundation employees, and D-class personnel.

3. The Intelligence Bureau is duty-bound and responsible for the reconnaissance acts of the department, such as the collection of intelligence on Groups of Interests, anomalous objects and sentient or sapient anomalies reported on the field outside of containment. 

4. Last but not least, the Disinformation Bureau is tasked with spreading and implanting distorted information through the media and other areas to purposefully coverup sensitive information that could possibly reveal the existence or otherwise damage the SCP Foundation or expose the world of anomalies to the public.


Show your understanding of the job rules: 

  • Don't fucking abuse the Nanite Recruitment SWEP by rushing someone mid-combat to convert them.
  • The SD has a higher authority than the HoEA in regards to internal affairs. Should there be an urgent external affair that reasonably places the HoEA above the SD in the matter yet the SD continues to prevail, then a complaint should be sent to the higher ups
  • HoEAs are unable to take temporary "command" of MTFs unless they have notified the Site Director and are in a necessary scenario that requires them to do so. Council approval may also be needed depending on the situation as well.
  • There is a limit to how many S66 and O12 units there can be, 2 sigma and 3 omega units.
  • You are not allowed to be a combat-whore, stay away from combat at all times.
  • No going onto the surface without a valid reason.
  • Offer the RD the first chance to take care of any captured anomalous humans before handling them yourself.


One of the Nu7 units has brought in a civilian who was loitering at GA for an extended amount of time and has been confirmed as possibly hostile he's now in EZ cells, explain your course of action (go into as much detail as needed): Naturally, I would first question the meaning behind the arrest and how the subject received suspicion by the claimant. Thereafter, should it have been an acceptable concern, I would proceed with attempting to question the subject's deeds and perhaps unveil the subject's real identity through extensive interrogation and other ethical methods. If the subject is revealed to be a hostile POI belonging to a known GOI, they will then be questioned more regarding their GOI's presence within the present sector, their base and other relatable concerns. After that's concluded, they will be subjugated to Sigma-66 conscription, D-class recruitment or executed. Although, should the POI be someone of an unknown origin and so on, then a more appropriate approach would take effect.


The police department has raided a base of the Chaos Insurgency and have seized multiple anomalous items and a Chaos insurgency Operative has been detained. The PD interrogated the Operative who leaked information about the foundation and the anomalous world, what is your course of action (go into as much detail as needed): I would inform the SD (should there be one on-site) of the situation. Then, I would debrief the necessary taskforces and the active FAs on the details and what the goal of the operation is. The MTF units alongside the agents will be tasked with securing the PD, the Chaos Insurgency Operative, and the anomalous entities while the DoEAs and other friendly personnel involved assist in spreading misinformation and coverup the incident. The public servants, the local PD staff and the other witnesses would thereafter also be "amnesticated" for security concerns. 


An anomalous person has been been spotted on the surface being far more physically capable than humanly possible (super speed and super jumping) what is your course of action (go into as much detail as needed): I don't think a city-wide "amnestication" and disinformation operation would really be possible in such a case (INGAME), unless people were to admit to being a witness to the anomalous individual and its abilities, which would then lead them to being "amnesticated" of course. But I would first off coordinate the Field Agents and assign them with the task of attempting to get in friendly contact with the anomaly with the intent on convincing the subject to willingly enter containment for the sake of themselves and others. Forced detainment might, depending on the behavior of the subject, be required. But should the subject accept, then they will be treated with harmony and undergo the natural process of being properly analyzed. However, should the anomalous individual respond with strong disregard and refuse to be brought in, then more drastic measures would haft to be enforced.

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