Ketamine Battalion App

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Out of Character Section -

Steam Name:

Kommander Kritz

Steam ID: 


Current OOC Rank on the server(eg Plat VIP, Mod): 

 Plat VIP

Age (14 - Minimum):


What is your playtime (2 Weeks - Minimum):

 two weeks three hours 3 mins 58 seconds

Do you have a microphone, is it good quality:

 High quality mic

Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook:


Do you meet the requirements:

yes . also i got no bans or kicks only a warn i got when i was a trooper spacer.png

In Character Section -

In-Game name: (Regiment, Rank and then your name)

 21st Temp Exo Ketamine

All Previous Ranks Obtained: (Highest Per Regiment)

 21ST Temp EXO , Jedi padawan

What should we pick you for Battalion: (200 Words - Minimum)

 To be honest I started this application as a troll move but now I actually want to join Battalion. I think i should be picked for Battalion because I am active, I believe I am competent, and I have the ability to stop being cringe when it actually matters. I've joined this server in may of 2020 and have played on it since. I have a lot of experience on servers like this, Reaching high ranks on severs like IceFuze and Superior servers. I also think id be a good pick to balance out some of the time differences as well since im one late at night where no batt is usually on due to me being in the american time zone. Ive had a lot of experience in 21st dealing with people that may not be the most serious players or the most willing to follow orders and i think i can deal with those kinds of people well and attempt to convince them to be a tiny bit more serious. I believe at this point that ive met and become good acquaintances with most of the people on the server and Overall I think i could be a good fit in battalion and its ranks. 

Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: (100 Words - Minimum)

 A battalions role is to lead/co-lead events. A good battalion gives orders that are not unfair or exclusionary of people/regiments from having fun. They are to be the role models of the server that anyone could look up to. battalions role is not to look for kills or be the one with the highest body count but to ensure that the event is running as smoothly and with as little chance for defeat as possible. A more passive responsibility that battalion has is to grant/deny and requests such as granting training rooms or denying and soon to be lemonade stand vendors : ( .  As anyone who has participated in an event has seen Battalion are the ones representing the republic and giving the debrief to the rest of the regiments. They also host trainings where anyone can participate and receive commendations for their skill (i dont know why its in bold now)  And above all they must act professional 

Have you ever been demoted or striked in any regiment: (If so, explain why)

 Jedi for inactivity

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank:

 Yes i do

What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading: (IN DETAIL)

 If not leading they stick with their regiment that they are supervising and help them do their job. They cant order them around and cannot just push away from them. They also ensure that orders are being followed

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session:

 lead a planetary with a voice amp, open sim, do well in a debrief

What rank can the Battalion Brigadier Promote and Demote up to:


What rank and above can use two pieces of Regimental Equipment:

Batt COL but if you mean unsupervised its Batt Brigadier 

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- high rank

- Nice guy Trolling on app!?

- Playtime low (idk if it git reset or not)

Current Ranks
  DS Commando F-91 - CWRP Discord Staff Manager - CWRP Deputy Event Manager
Past Ranks
CT 2459 - CE PFT MEDIC COLONEL CG Detainment Droid - Battalion Sand - Battalion Colonel - GM LT Colonel 5x Regimental Medic Jedi Ace CWRP Senior Event Planner Jedi Watcher 501st Colonel Jedi Paladin - Jedi Phantom - Jedi Beast Tamer Jedi Lorekeeper CWRP Jedi Event planner - 501st Gamma ARC Colonel Obi Wan Kenobi Plo Koon - Mace Windu - Yoda





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Okay so Ketamine, lets get into this. So firstly I like you. I consider you a funny and talkative guy who has his head screwed on. In many ways you are an American version of Joker (Take that as a compliment.) Along with that your app was well formed and could of used a little more use of the BOLD feature to differentiate between question and answer but apart from that it was good.

I've got two issues though. And those just ruin it for you. One has to do with your attitude in game and one with your app which I always hassle people for. Firstly in game. Come on, every time I see you on the server, you want to set up your lemonade stand. Usually I wouldn't be to fussed but its on your 21st job. Your excuse is that "I don't want people to be bored" or "You are trying to entertain them." How this is a good thing to push towards, a stand wont do it. You are a Colonel. Speak to a battalion and ask to do an open training. Make it interesting and pull people towards you. In that show your leadership skills, Also show how you can organise something and then lastly it will keep people happy and motivated to do more and trust you.

My second issue is the question "Why should we pick you for battalion." Your first line is you saying how you made this as a joke. Like I don't care about that, but now you have said it, it makes me doubt your real drive for the role. I then read on and see you mention other servers. I don't care what you did on there. I care what you do on here. Along with that you didn't give me the 3 core things every battalion should have. Leadership, team work and a problem solving mind set. Instead you go on saying you will be less cringe. Battalion isn't a place for you to work up towards when you are in it. We expect you to be at a level where we see potential in you, so we can teach you how to be a good leader and a great battalion.

Good luck Ketamine,


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Although you're a great guy and I enjoy talking to you. I've never seen you lead, Your application is formatted strangely to make it weird for me to identify questions and answers of a few. Saying you made the application as a troll is not very convincing as to why someone should pick you for it. You wouldn't go into a job with the reason of "I did this for the lolz." You'd go in with proper reasons like money, to take up free time or just meet people. Along with Breato's point you've had a few mingy activities such as the lemonade stand. We've all had times of minging about and trying to have a good time but that takes it to an oddly strange level.

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You have been accepted into Battalion, contact a member of Admiralty.


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